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Photo TR : Marineland, Niagara Falls and Canada Wonderland

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Mike and I decided to make a last minute trip in Ontario on the Canadian thanskgiving weekend !


Marineland and Niagara falls on saturday and PCW on sunday.

It was our first time at those parks and we had a blast !


Marineland is really in the middle of nowhere and you really have to walk 5 minutes between the rides !

We arrived at the opening at 10:00 and we were about 50 people... No running of the bulls for Dragon Mountain today !

We first went to Dragon Mountain and it wasn't running wet...

In fact, nothing was running before 11:00 ! It wasn't crowded at all that day, the crowd was more important after 13:00.


Sorry Elissa, no little rodents today...

This moose looks so sad, as most of the animals in this park were ! They had too little space to live and they were overcrowded...


Cute dolphin... they look happy ! Aquarium animals were looking quite happy in the park !


Mike in the first ride that was open that day... the Hurricane Cove... a kiddie Maelstrom flat ride... too bad the cars weren't spinning like Maelstrom at La Ronde.


Don't bring food in plastic bags...


Bears eating anything...


Yeah Dragon Mountain is open ! No wait for the front ! Yeah !

Me, posing in front of the entrance... Coaster poser....


I love the trains ! The theming is in really good shape for 23 years old ride !


I love his job ! Nintendo DS full time player and part-time operator !

Seriously, they had no supervisition at all ! Ops were talking with their cellphones and playing DS games ! One train operation wasn't so long anyway... there was hardly any people in the station.


Going up...


Just before the first drop..


Yeah ! New Volcano theming...


What I'm gonna say will shock most of you... I ABSOLUTELY LOVED Dragon mountain !

My favorite Arrow coaster by far !

The station is really dark and weird... the lift is really slow but it creates anticipation !

The first two loops were great and smooth, in the front seat as in the last car.

The ride was kind of slow sometimes but the very long pitch dark tunnels and the bowtie element at the exit of the last tunnel are very exciting.

The mid-course brake is the bad part of the ride.... it really stops the train ! but the train picks up speed really fast in the tunnel...

All the ride was very smooth, no headbanging at all. Upside down airtime in the bowtie element was really fun ! A really great arrow looper/terrain coaster ! 9/10 !


The dolphin show was great... but not as good as the one at SFMW or SWSD... I was really disapointed there was no show with the killer whales, just a little splash session...


The magic dance flat ride.... it was reallly fun... never seen this kind of flat ride before.


Future topler tower ride... will be ready in 2009...


The walk up the mountain to the skyscreamer was really long... they could have built escalators, it would be really great !

The skyscreamer was really great... good launch and beautiful niagara falls view... but the best was the drop... the car did stay about 20 seconds before dropping... it was really scary ! We did it two times in a row... again with no wait !


Robinhood can't climb mountain at Marineland ! lol !


Everybody's love Marineland was true for us !

More animals shows and maybe a Gravity group wooden coaster would really fit in the park...




Niagara falls were beautiful... and powerful ! Mike didn't ask me for marriage lol


A little ride to the falls, the incline railway..


Somewhere over the rainbow....


Me and the falls and the skyscreamer !


Mike and the falls


Let's go to Clifton Hill for tourist trap fun !


I wish it was WDW's MGM studios !

If only all burger kings were that great...


Yeah ! A sally darkride.... same as the one at Santa Cruz Boardwalk but longer... the guns don't work really well too... This could be a great family friendly addition to Six Flags parks.


I won !




Sunday was finally the day of our visit to Paramount Canada Wonderland... and the day of my 200th coaster too !

Tomb raider is my 200th coaster ... and my first and hopefully last Zamperla flyer ! Headbanging all the way.... the most fun part of the ride was the lift !


Special thanks to Nicole for such a great strategy for the park.

We arrived at the opening... Went to Top Gun first ! It's the most smoothest SLC I've ever been on..and on the last car too ! Too bad the onboard video system wasn't working 7.5/10


Then Tomb raider... I was excited by this new kind of flyer... But people were right..boring and rough ! 4/10


Italian Job was as great as the one at PKI... good family coaster and I blacked out on the helix... great ride !

Third ride of the day and first line...about 5 minutes.



We went to Sky Rider, our first Togo Stand up ! The layout was fun and smooth but shaky and rough on the helix... first row of course !

The seat was really painful for the intimate part...



We went over the Medieval part of the park...hitting the boomerang (BAT) and then the longest wait of the day for the FLY...about 30 minutes... Operations could be better without the sealbelts...

Fun ride 6/10


Vortex was really fun ! Reminded me of Top Gun at PKi... but I think I love SFMM's Ninja better... but Vortex had really good speed and great swigging finale... too bad the park did not put trees 10 years ago...



I don't really remember the rides in the exact order but I can't say I was really surprised by the kidde wooden coaster... maybe the coaster with the most airtime in the park !


I really liked PCW ! Good theming, great operations ! It lacks of signature ride... I think no coaster really stands out of the way... no WOW ride.... maybe Vortex... not sure... Cedar Fair should put an Intamin hypercoaster there....




First row for Italian job and we didn't even ask for it ! Yeah !


Drop Zone... I love Intamin drop towers ! Gravity is a most !


Mike weaving at me in the wooden kiddie coaster ! He loved it too !


Mike loves Manchuwok...really great surprise there was one in the park ! I prefer Panda Express...too bad they're not in Canada!


Bad concept for a flyer coaster... but great looking !


The "maxair" was great but the cycle was so short...


My first Cliffhanger type ride...

I loved it ! It goes up and down so fast...


Smooooooottthhhh Slc... Still strange it's so popular at PCW anyway...


Great theming... had the feeling of DLP with the ship on water and scenery...


Probably the most beautiful park entrance after the Magic Kingdom...




Too bad they weren't selling Cedar Fair MAAX Passes... I would have come back next year...


Thanks again Nicole for your help !

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Top Posters In This Topic

Still strange it's so popular at PCW anyway.


Canadians don't know any better.


I asked some of my friends what their favourite ride was, and they all said either Top Gun or The Bat. I was like, "WTF? The SLC and the Boomerang?!" As Barry would say, what's up with that?


Dan "They lead sheltered lives, and they even live closer to CP." Smith

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Cute dolphin... they look happy ! Aquarium animals were looking quite happy in the park !



They always look like they are smiling... although i doubt they are happy in a small tank with hundreds of people watching them...



and top gun is so popular because everyone thinks it is a good coaster... up until a few years ago, i thought that top gun was an amazing coaster

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Cute dolphin... they look happy ! Aquarium animals were looking quite happy in the park !



They always look like they are smiling... although i doubt they are happy in a small tank with hundreds of people watching them...


Happy animals probably wouldn't die.

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Cute dolphin... they look happy ! Aquarium animals were looking quite happy in the park !


That was a Baluga whale. But either way marine animals always look like they're smiling but it's really just the shape of their mouth. Great TR, I loved Dragon Mountain too

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Yeah, they were all happy cause THEY were the survivors. "Well, guys, we made it this far, maybe we'll live to see another tourist season!"



I <3 DM


I never thought I'd see forced smiles on animals until I saw pictures of these ones!

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^ Dragon Mountain is fun.


However it also has quite possibly the most dead space of any coaster in the world. On the backside of the moutain there's a spot where they were going to build a replica of Niagara Falls but didn't finish. So you basically coast straight for a good 1000+ feet through some random steel girders.

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So you basically coast straight for a good 1000+ feet through some random steel girders.


That part's actually pretty fun, in an unexpected, random, "WTF?" kind of way. The next curve seems surprisingly intense because of it, IMO.


Still, that replica is right on target for 2023.

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It would be awesome to go through waterfalls on Dragon mountain... maybe someday they will finish it...


They took 24 years to enclose the volcano.


they look to be taking 2 years to build a Huss Topple Tower.


The S&s tower was built really late.


So I wouldn't hold much hope of that waterfall being completed in my lifetime.

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