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1989 Earthquake


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Anyone else in here remember the quake of 89, I still remember it like it was yesterday, everything in our kitchen was broken and the wave from our pool flooded the entire first floor of my house - we learned that those handy things to keep cabinets from flying open are very useful and it would have been nice if we had them.

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I still remember it though I was only 4. Firstoff my cousin and I were playing 'cars' outside with hotwheels cars driving them along the wooden fence. Being kids, we pretended it was the baybridge and we were driving across. Suddenly, things shook and we were dragged in and under our sturdy table. No damages luckily especially because my uncle was under a car at the time working on it. Later on that night, I saw these:


That could be quite scary to see when you're only 4 and had no clue what had just happened...and also odd coincidence that we were 'driving on the bay brige' with our hotwheels cars on the fence.

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cars are gonna pop outta that huge bridge if brakes DO NOT

work! yeah seems that scene was real close call!

good thing some drivers in the pic was safe 'n sound. (maybe)


I think that driver passed away I am not to sure. I know someone did on the bridge. I was watching the world series at the time.

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Wasn't this the earthquake where the 2-layed highway was and the top collapsed on the bottom half and killed a whole bunch of people?




Also on the Bay Bridge where that one section fell. After the section had fallen a car drove along the top part and flew off the edge of the fallen section crashing into the piece that was slanted and then bounced back up as the front tires hooked on the cracked part so it held the car up on the slanted fallen piece of the bridge. The driver didnt noticed that the section had broken off and had fallen until it was too late!!


It was all caught on tape!!

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