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Movie Park Germany Discussion Thread

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Sorry if I derail the main conversation, but I read about there once being a Gremlins darkride in this park in this thread, and immediately headed to Youtube to check it out. As a young man, I used to fantasize about creating a Gremlins ride constantly.


Then I found a video...my reaction...What the hell was ALF doing in a Gremlins-themed ride? I expect that nonsense in Japan, but not Germany!

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The new ride will be a heavily themed indoor Gerstlauer coaster

Source :





Movie Park Germany this year was acquired by the Spanish group Parques Reunidos (including Bobbejaanland in their portfolio) has announced the fifteenth anniversary a new attraction opening.


Former Gremlin gets exciting destination attraction


Movie Park Germany this year was acquired by the Spanish group Parques Reunidos (including Bobbejaanland in their portfolio) has announced the fifteenth anniversary a new attraction opening.


This new attraction would be in the building which formerly housed the Gremlins. Gremlins Invasion was a dark ride based on small extraterrestrial beings who mess things up. The attraction opened when Warner Bros. was still holding the reins of the German movie theme park. The building stood empty in recent years, however, after Halloween, but has a very central location, which was particularly unfortunate that this space was not used optimally. A huge cloth teaser did the visitor last season already salivating for what is still to come.


But now the die was cast, and confirmed that next season the park a very themed indoor roller coaster would be opened. This roller coaster was at the German company Gerstlauer ordered the company in Belgium next season the new roller coaster for Plopsa Coo will deliver, more is known of them in Typhoon Bobbejaanland perhaps.

Wondering whether it is already a standard family-coaster would be a more spectacular or type of the park once again firmly on the park map would set. I am sure that the park will make every effort to seduce the amusement park enthusiasts with all kinds of teasers.


ADMIN EDIT: I went ahead and added a translation of the linked release.

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^ The PR clearly worked on at least one person ...lol... just kidding. I am actually very happy with this though, I love rides with darker themes, because people ride coaster type rides for the thrill, and adding that extra bit of terror or thrill adds that much more to the ride.

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They uploaded very bad quality movie parts on their official preview blog. The story is about 3 people who visit the park and take a short, inofficial and forbidden look behind the scenes. The first 4 parts are only about the park, the real plot begins at video 6. You won´t see anything about the new attraction until now, but who knows how the story will go on. In the last part (7) - until now - the 3 persons get locked by an unknown person into a room of the attraction and it seems they´re not alone...


Here are the movies: Youtube Userpage from Talopan


On their preview page they also mentioned, that they will post more information about the new


Pokemon-Gremlins-Scooby Doo-Twilight-Harry Potter-Cop Car Chase Revival-Coaster!!!


So it´s time for us to riddle


Besides this page I found an article of "Der Westen". They wrote that the new coaster is planed to open in June and the first of it´s kind "Indoor" Attraction. The costs for this attraction are around 5 Million Euros and it will be 2 minutes long, filled with horror and thrilling effects.The Parkmanager Wouter Dekkers said on the annual closure meeting the attraction will be around 14 meters high, won´t have a looping, but there will be videoeffects, animatronics, it will be bloody and scary and ?emotions like in a movie?; He isn´t sure wether he would recommend it for kids .

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Let the unnecessary hype begin!




The building is already there...so I guess 5 millions will be fine. And 14 meters...well, maybe there will be more than one lifthill, or a launch, whatever.


I think it doesnt sound that bad...looking forward to hear more about it...



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I found this at TAA Industries:

Movie Park Germany: TAA Industries wins “Dark Ride” theming package


TAA won the bidding process and is pleased to theme the new Dark Ride attraction of the 2011 season at Movie Park Germany . For the new Dark Ride TAA will decorate both the interior and exterior of the former Gremlins ride, centrally located in the park. In addition, TAA will theme the exterior facade of the Music Club and new decorative elements in the interior of the restaurant. The new attraction is planned to open in May 2011.


Larry, that was exactly what I thought first


Samisthabomb, like George said, 14m don´t have to be lame. If it´s a launch coaster, it don´t need much height and the smalles Layout for Gerstlauers Spinning Coaster begins at a height of 16 meters, the Bobsled´s layout begins at 15 meters.

Who knows, what they´re planing so far, but I hope they won´t make the same mistake like Alton Towers did with their great merchandising for Th13teen.


By the way, why do they mention Harry Potter? What do you think about that? Is it because of Magic or because of the Coastertype? And what´s about the rest of the discription?


EDIT: The Preview page, listed above, made another video upload:



And they broke into the secret room, where the model of the coaster is located to upload some pictures for us:









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looks interesting, to say the least... didn't someone say it was going to have a Vampire Theme?


Anyway, 14 meters? How high is Revenge Of The Mummy at USH? If I recall, it's shorter than that, and is a great ride...


I have faith in Gertslauer, seeing as Mystery Mine, Curse Of Novorgod and SAW have excellent theming and layouts, don't be so quick to judge them...

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the first letter for the name of the attraction is listed on Feb. 01ste at their Twitter Account and on their Facebook page they made a small riddle for that = They want to know the third letter of SpOngebobs name


So, O will be one of the letters of the new attraction. BUT, they tell, that the upcoming letters are not in their correct order!



  • - Feb. 02nd: You should count the letters of the attraction "Side Kick" divide them with 2. The 4th letter of this number is the next letter: vieR (german = 4 / four)
    - Feb. 03rd: This day you should search in the section "Wetenswaardigheden" on thier dutch page for the first mentioned english word in a special passage. The first letter will be the next searched letter: Camber of commerce
    - Feb. 04th: They searched the name of an other Spongebob Cartoon: PAtrick Star
    - Feb. 04th: They published a second letter this day without a question: T
    - Feb. 05th: First letter of King Harolds Kingdom in the movei Shrek: Far Far away
    - Feb. 06th: The last letter is published Y


Today in the morning they affirm that one word of the attraction will be: FACTORY


2 more videos are listed at the Movie Park Preview Page: (In video 10 they find a map, which shows something like an old wrecking yard)


and they uploaded new model pictures at the Movie Park Preview Page:







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"Van Helsing´s Factory": is the new name of the attraction


They announced this on their www.moviepark-preview.de-homepage and I found a press release at the www.Ruhrnachrichten.de-page. (all in german)


They mentioned, that this ride will get a theme around vampires and so on and you will take a ride through this area in order to help Van Helsing to find Dracula and defeat him. Nothing new is mentioned besides this about the ride.





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