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CCron10's RCT 2&RCT 3 Parks

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After a couple of months of trying to create the "perfect" park I have finally finished one! The park is called Manhattan Escape. I have also had the park owned by a company (just like Six Flags) called Coaster Corparation or Coaster Corp. There is a story line to this park and eventually I will add more parks to add on to the company (also like Six Flags).Here are some pics and a download. Enjoy!


Manhattan Escape.zip

RCT2 Park&Scenario-Manhattan Escape


The FUN FACTORY has a compacted hyper coaster called Verticality and a LIM launched coaster called Tower Twister.


The Thunderloop and THE BOARDWALK.


An overall view of COAL TOWN.


The last of the areas is THE H2O ZONE. Filled with water rides it also has some beach or aquatically named rides like the Sea Eagle which flies over the entire park.


Across from THE BOARDWALK is THE FUN FACTORY. Having 2 coasters, this is the area for thrills.


The 2nd of the park's 4 themed areas is called THE BOARDWALK. The centerpiece and the only coaster in there is the Thunderloop. This is a Schwartzkopf.


The second coaster in COAL TOWN is called Coal Monster. As an out and back mine train, it features a tight turn followed by a fly through station.


A closer view of Dynamite Blast. This park also includes rides that other RCT fans created. I'd like to thank them.


This is the fully completed park. This pic shows that small parks can't be gigantic. With over 70 rides and attractions in this 56X56 layout there is no room for expansion.


A picture of the mine themed area called COAL TOWN. The gigantic compacted woodie in the center is called Dynamite blast.

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Hey, I really like the pics so far. Yes, they are small, but I get the general Idea of what you were trying to do, I think. LOL It seems lke you were trying to build a full size theme park on a tiny plot of land. I downloaded the file, but couldnt open it. It said I was missing a file, or something. Anyway, I really liked what I saw, and you have inspired me to do more work on my onw rct2 park which I put on the back burner.

Hugs.. Mikey

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I can try. I see that it doesn't look very realistic, but that wasn't my real goal, I just wanted to build a small park that has as many rides as a large park. My next park is called COASTER CORP'S WASHINGTON PEAKS where I will try to make extremely detailed to look like a real park but this time I will have more space. The reason why it took me a couple months to create a good park was my habit of just spreading out. This time I hope to put my 7 years of playing the RCT games to the test and do a wonderful job. Wish me luck.


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Sorry, I can't get larger ones up. I tried Pixresizer and they come out unclear and when I try to put the screenshots from the game's folder the KB is to big. Can somebody help me with this?


Convert them to .jpg file types. This can reduse the amount of space needed for the image largely.

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They are already .jpg files.


If you visited this topic earlier I said I was working on a park called Exotica. I'm putting that park on hold to build a park themed to Pennsylvania on RCT 2. After searching through my old drawings I came across a simple layout map and park enterance draw-up. There is going to be 9 areas and they go as follows.


Park Entrance


Eire Shore------------------- Rhine Town----------------Chocolatetown USA



Colonial Square----------------PA Square-------------------Sandy Gulch City



Fisherman's Village------------Anthrociteville------------- Northern Frontier





Tioga Forest

(Access by Cable Car Only)


The name of the park will be Keystone Experience Theme Park & Entertainment Complex. Pics coming soon.

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