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Backstreet Boys Are Back


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Ok, so after looking at the 'what bands need to go away thread', and then signing on to AOL and seeing the new Backstreet Boys video...I have some thoughts!


- Ok, same old backstreet boys, nice video, decent love song.


- What the hell happend that the old 'heart throbs' (Brian, Nick, AJ) look terrible...and Kevin and Howie look awesome! Scary what a few years can do!


- How come they're the backstreet boys, yet only two of them sing in this song!?


Elissa "ok, I'm done being a dorky girl now!" Alvey

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Smart move on their part IMO.


Remember, there is a whole group of 13 year old girls just waiting to go crazy all over the backside ... er ... backstreet boys again.


Since Britney's a bigger ho than Christina at this point, I think it's a good thing.


Gregg "Will probably have to take our daughter to at least one teenie-bopper concert in my lifetime" C.

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This seems like an odd marketing move, as usually pop acts like this are not recycled for the next generation by the record company, since they're considered "old" by the new generation. And it's far too soon for a reunion tour, as they haven't been away that long. I guess someone at a record company is really desperate for a hit record...



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