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Photo TR: Elissa & Jahan at SFMM


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Well, here it is Monday morning, and I got to see my co-worker for the first time since taking her home Friday night after the Colossus marathon. I'm happy to report that she is doing just fine, and despite a few bruises is not really in any pain this morning. On Saturday, the day after, she was pretty sore, but the next day she was fine, and today she seems like her normal self. She said that it was her competitive nature (READ: stubbornness ) that got her all the way through it, she was not about to let a bunch of 20 year olds beat her! Oh, and she made me promise to correct her age, she's only 52. She only looked 65 that day. Even though doing a marthon like this was a life long dream of hers, she said she never wanted to do it again as we left the park Friday night. Today though, she says she'd be willing to do another one, as long as it's not wooden! Especially if it's Tatsu (which btw she still has not been on, but will be soon!).

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