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It really does look good, but I have to ask, is that everything? I would have thought that there would be more too it. t looks like there is only 4 or 5 attractions in there, even Walt Disney Studios in Paris wasn't that small when it opened.


No offence meant, it is a nice park, and the only real problem I can think of is the size. If you can keep up the qaulity with future expansions, it will be a great park. Although, now that I think of it, the rocket bugs me too. It looks like you could have done so much more with it.

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World Fair - E-City Updates

Work begins on E-City/World Fair soft opening report


World Fair Soft Opening Report

The soft opening was a success. Here is some feedback we got:

Pros -

- "Lots of buildings to go in"

- "Several family attractions"

- "Best-themed Geboldi park to date"

- "Several different, varied eateries"

- "Crowd management up to parr"


- "What was Monstruo? a kiddy thrill ride?"

- "Monstruo was too short, with the lines too long"

- "The launching coaster [monstruo] was too short..."


Obviously, Monstruo is gonna have to change. A statement released by Geboldi:

" We have heard our guests comments on Monstruo and we will be acting on those. We have three options availible. (a) Remove the ride. (b) Modify the ride and add more elements. © alter the operation and allow the train to maneuver the course more than once."


So who knows, but there's a chance Monstruo will not be at World Fair for the opening...


How much longer does this mini-Intamin have???


E-City construction begins:


E-City will probably be more similar to Epcot, minus the World Showcase. Geboldi has ordered one coaster for the park.


Apparently it's a Mack Spinning coaster. By the looks of it, it will be an indoor coaster.


The entrance (unfinished) looks impressive so far...


The park's logo


Alright, it will be an indoor coaster...


More soon.

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New Monstruo layout & Oasis begins construction


What's that?


And there it is.


Fountain shot.


Looks like an immelman to me...


One Zero-G roll was replaced with a double-down.


World Fair is pretty much done.


Now, onto Oasis

Before I show you this, you might or might not know that Geboldi usually doesn't do well with waterparks. All, except for Geboldi Island's and Geboldi America's waterparks have gone out of business. So this is the first attempt at a separate waterpark.


And it's a rollersoaker.


The unnamed ride will "soar" over the entrance plaza.


Now for some slides, "Banzai Plunge", a 10 story speed slide.




Lazy river


More lazy river


More soon.

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WOW. Just WOW. I am absolutely amazed at that hard work. Just a reminder, as it has been said before, you should make World's Fair and Adventure Sector bigger. Sure, it maybe four parks, but look at WDW, which has many rides and attractions in all their four parks.

Please take this as constructive criticism. I love this project and really hope it doesn't get cancelled.

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For the Roller Soaker how about:

Soak Zone






For the water slide how about:

Bantumii Falls

Jungle River

Katanga Creek

Bantumii river

Bantumii Creek

Jungle falls


Great park by the way. I love. Can't wait for a download! Keep it up.

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