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Theme Park Review's 2nd Annual Video Contest UPDATE!

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Ok everyone! The final 5 entries have been posted!




Since it's pretty damn late, I'm going to make this short.


There's Jon's Hersheypark video with LOTS of coaster footage, Joseph's Adventureland video with LOTS of pink robe! Paul's Solace video, Alain's Movie Park Germany video, and Brian's Six Flags Great Adventure video.


Start downloading!


--Robb "The ballot is going up soon!" Alvey

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Wow. This is a sad, sad day.


For the last eight weeks, Karen and I have been on a bit of a schedule where the first thing we do when we get home from work is sit down and watch the week's entries...


Well, not counting that week that Robb the sadist made us all wait a little longer.


So tonight's the last night.


It's almost like when your favorite show is about to end for the season...


I hope no one dies tonight. That'd be a sucky cliffhanger.


//totally thought there was still one more week. Me no good at math.

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Ok everyone, I'm going to post the rules from the ballot page here so that everyone understands. It's VERY simple:




1. You MUST submit a valid email address. Only ONE vote per email and IP address. Your IP address will be logged! Any repeat ballots from the same email or IP address will NOT be counted.


2. Vote for your favorite THREE (3) videos, and ONLY three.

Put a 1 in the box for your first and favorite choice, 2 for your second choice, and 3 for your third choice. You MUST vote for three (3) videos. Ballots received with more than or less than 3 choices will not be counted.


So if you are one of the people who just sent in multilple ballots with only two choices, those ballots of have been deleted!


--Robb "Please follow the instructions and all will be right in the world again!" Alvey

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To all entries; Voting has started. You can now start bidding on my vote... Highest bidder will get my vote... you can pay using payal or hard cash...



(PS; warning! this person cannot help it. Goofing around is his sickness - so no hatemails please!)

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After much deliberation, I have cast my vote for this year's contest. I did infact watch all 40 videos (in the last 3 days), I narrowed it down to my top 10, based on such factors as editing, footage, sound, quality, personality, and originality, and then went from there. Without further ado, my rankings for the 2005 video contest:


10. "BEST MOVIE EVER!" - Morgan Obrien

9. "Bumps and Bruises" - Nick Collins

8. "Adventureland" - Joseph Wanek

7. "Wisconsin Dells" - Andrew Hartman

6. "Terra Mitica" - Paul Ruiz de Miguel

5. "Shut up & Smile" - Steve Lee & Karen Lawson

4. "Tripsdrill 2004" - Jonathan Hymes

3. "Floruba" - Kevin Gillan

2. "Weekend Airtime 2004" - Frederic M & Nicolas C

1. "Coaster Season 2004" - Nick Collins


Oh yes, and please, don't let these influence your vote if you haven't yet. I encourage you to watch all the videos before you even touch the ballot. Good luck to all the contestants!

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I just was wondering how the Great Adventure video got the Rolling Thunder POV footage?

Can someone answer me, possibly the video producer dudes?

Thanks alot!


I suppose he took a camera onboard the coaster and filmed the POV?


No really...is there a policy that you can't videotape while on coasters at Great Adventure? I looked at a map from this year and I see nothing about no videotaping or picture taking on rides. The only thig I saw was secure loose articles.


BTW, after watching all the videos, I'm afraid my video doesn't stand a chance of winning. Oh well, there's always next year. Next year's video will have a winning formula: sex, crazy antics, donkeys, rodents, rodents riding donkeys, and donkeys riding rodents!

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I'm the one under the stone in the Maerchenpark-Video!

I just want to post my favourite videos:


1. Julian Johnson's "Vertigo":

I like the Cuts and the great Shots... The weather is perfect too!


2. Bernhard Wimmer's Marchenpark Video:

I know this Video for a long time now, and it can't get out of my head! It reminds me of a great time!


2. Paul Ruiz De Miquel's Terra Mitica Video Contest Entry:

Very funny Video, with perfect cuts and shots too! I like it!


Greets from Austria,


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Sorry if this has been asked before. But how long will voting be going on for?


I've been prettyout of it since coming back from my trip across the Midwest.


Not sure when I'll get the time to fill out a ballot.


My video sure doesn't size up against some of the others. But I'm really looking forward to what I can do next year. Got some great footage during this trip last week.

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well, i finally voted. did anyone else have such a hard time? i found it so diffucult to pick the "best" 3. i could have easily voted for 10 videos. after the results are posted, i'll make another post with my top 3, and the other videos that were in my "possible winners" folder.

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Can anyone tell me what's the name of the song used in the Ghosterforce video? In the beginning it sounds like O Fourtuna but then it goes techno so I'm confused.


Yep, it's the Sensation Anthem 2004 (Rush Original Edit)

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I have been looking over the site and watching a lot of the videos and had to sign up today just to say this: I love this site! I am an amusement park addict and love that this site not only has great photos and vids but is guaranteed to make me laugh.


BTW... I thought Robb and Elissa were crazy but after watching the contest entries they are starting to look normal :shock:

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This year the contest is becoming very interesting

So many different videos in one place !


In no particular order, my favorites are :

- Thubault Van Look's "FUN!!!" Video Contest Entry

- Guy T Koepp's "It Came From The 4th Dimension" Video Contest Entry

- Paul Ruiz De Miquel's Terra Mitica Video Contest Entry

- Frederic Molitor & Nicolas Chavance's "Weekend Airtime 2004" Video Contest Entry


It will be interesting to see the results of the ballot


--frederic "how many bizarre videos will be in the next contest ?"

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