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Goose Fair UK pic and video TR.

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Ok just got back from Goose Fair and for my first visit to it I was impressed by the size of it.

We got there about 2.30 on Saturday and it was packed out so we had a scoot around and shot off to Starbucks in town. Got back there at 6.15 and hooked up with Colin, as the night closed in the fair really came to life, plus it wasn't so busy so getting around was easy. Colin rode a few flat rides and I had one ride on magic mouse, (But I was only there to film it.)

It is very similar to Cardiff big weekend, but Goose has loads more side stalls and kiddie rides and lots of double rides ie: 8 dodgem tracks etc. but for the amount of people it needs it...

We found some of the food odd as well coming from wales like mushy peas and mint and cock on a stick which was amusing everytime we saw it.

we left about 10.30 but the action didn't stop there, we got on the tram to go back to Hucknall where we were staying and the tram ran a woman over, so we were delayed for 15 mins till the ambulance arrived. She left one hell of a dent in the front of the tram full marks I say.




Ok here are a few pics from the day.

Me and Colin.


They really pack the rides in tight.


Crazy mouse was better.


For all you flat ride fetish freeks.


Colin making a POV of 2 Extreme.


Nuff said.......



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Cock on a stick is the same stuff as those sugar dummy's - only its shaped like a cock... as in 'cock a doodle doo'!


We have some great fairs in the UK, Nottingham is NOT the biggest OR has the most rides. Newcastle and Hull are both much bigger...






I had a great time meeting up with Tinhead!! - Hull fair is also on at moment so will have an update on that after the w/end!


newcastle 2006

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