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The Army's New Slogan . . .


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I read on AOL News today that the U.S. Army is dropping their old "Be an Army of one" campaign in favor of this: "Army strong."


Hmm--being as they have lowered physical and educational standards to boost enlistment, it makes sense that they've jettisoned good grammar, as well. Perhaps they can use the Incredible Hulk in their ads: "Army strong! Army mad! Army smash!"


Why not revive an older slogan using "IM speak": "b all u cn b n the r me," perhaps? A friend of mine suggested that, evenutally, their slogan will simply be "Army."


Any thoughts on this?

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I'm staying out of this one seeing as I'm British, and my superior linguistic skills obviously make my opinion a little different, but I have to say that THIS:


A friend of mine suggested that, evenutally, their slogan will simply be "Army."


...is totally awesome. I like it.

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What does that even mean? ARe they trying to use Army as an adjective?


ie instead of be very strong, be Army strong?


This had crossed my mind, too, but the article didn't state how this phrase was going to be used. Look for bars near military bases to start advertising that their drinks are "Army strong," though.


Louise, I'm very much interested in your British linguist's take on this. Here's a chance to practice your discipline while posting on TPR. (You could call it "research.")



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I was curious what Canada's slogan was.


Turns out we have a new slogan recently as well.


"Fight Fear, Fight Distress, and Fight Chaos. Fight with the Canadian Forces"


Maybe our new pro-USA conservative goverment is making it's voice heard.


Though of course that slogan sounds strong until you get to the "Canadian Forces" part. Then you just laugh and think they were actually serious for a moment.

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The new slogan has been a sorce of ridicule out here in Afghanistan. "Army of One" was bad enough. The joke about that one went "Army of No One". Believe me, that's exactly how you feel at times. What a waste of five million dollars (supposedly how much the goverment paid for that piece of crap). I demand a refund on that. It isn't just the bad syntax and semantics, but it just doesn't make any point or sense. I say keep the "Army of One" slogan. As much as a joke that one has become at times, it still held a lot of meaning and symbolism.




Quick, get me some C-4. The new Army slogan is need of being fixed.

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