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hey everyone!!! how u doin?


well basically i have just started up a band and we cant think of a good, suitible name. basically i need your help lol


we sound a bit like of nickelback/ foo fighters


so if anyone can think of any good names for a good rock band PLEASE HELP!!!!


we're planning on making a myspace soon i'll keep ya posted lol


would like as much support as i could from anyone who likes rock music (and roller coasters of course lol)


peace out

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Murphys Law


Already taken by a NY Hardcore band.


One must only listen to Jello Biafra to get some really good ones:


The Imperial Turdcicles

Magnum Jihad


Pork Barrel

The Dentists

The Lone Cowboys

The Leather Wolves


Angry Youth

Bored Youth

Bored Suburban Youth

White Suburban Youth

Youth Army

Wasted Youth

Young Youth

Old Youth

Dead Youth

Generic Youth

Redundant Youth

Earth Fart

Electric Meat

Pink Meat

Anchovy Smegma

Terrorists For Peace

Zion Popsicle

Black Lung

My Sweet Slaughterhouse

Pets Eat Their Master

Tits, Ass & Money


The Absentee Thought Lords

Criminal Spa

War Cookies

Republican Buttocks

ShutUp And Buy


Peeping Tom Collins

Chocolate Fetus

Great Wall Of Goat Urine

Tumor Circus

Mosquito Cleavage

Criss Masturbation

Uranium Playpen

King Pork

Madonna Death Cult

Peppermint Leprosy

Angel Pus

The Magic Truncheons

The Lone Derangers

Three-Mile Colostomy

The Gingerbread Werewolves

Satan's Buttermilk

Air Guitar

The Janitors Of Anarchy

Lost Orgasm

Root Canal

Be My Urinal

Bark On Cue

The Crotch Puppets

Magnum Dada


Can Four More Die?

Fun With Treason

You're Fired

Video Sex Pope

Al Sharpton's Hair

Cancer Cures Everything

South Africa

John Wayne On Acid

Rogue Boner

Radio-Free Pig Vomit

The Ku-Klux Flintstones

Elvis Rehnquist

Crushed Velvet Vivisection

Dracula Was Gay

Witch Penis

The Manson Surfers

Bank Of Sodom

Keystone Stormtroopers

Sausage Gone Wrong

Aryan Embarrassment

Frankie Goes To The Bathroom

The Doomsday Pop-Tarts

Autistic Chainsaw

Bono's Charred Remains

Sell Your Mom

Pneumonia Wranglers

Helter Syringe

The Imperial Turdsicles

Primer Gray Erection



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hey everyone


i really appreicate how much help use have given me!!! you ROCK!!!


Timpowes - yeah we've tried for days and we have came up with loads but we cant seem to find one that we all agree on. which is a disappointment cause i had a few on my own that ive always liked for a band.


CoasterFanatic- OMG thanks alot for using your own time to type all of them for me! means alot! big thumbs up too you lol!!!




we have a rehearsal tonight from 6pm-9pm (Socal 10am-1pm)

so im going to print off all the band names i have received(again, thanks) and discuss them with the other members


afterwards hopefully we will have choosen a name, if not keep truckin' lol



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lol was that the name? i remember hearing that in the movie " That Thing You Do" with Tom Hanks.... awesome name


GO METS!!! glad theres another met fan on here, especially from philly!

i was on my way to Shea tonite when i heard it got cancelled sucks...

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