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Photo TR: Phoenix Phall Phunfest


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I hit up Phoenix Phall Phunfest this year. Last year I got rained out, so this was my first. I am no longer a Phunfest virgin. I have to say, I really had a blast!


I met up with Rich (coaster05), his wife Melanie (funkybadger), Rich's sister and her husband to which I believe are not registered here and for those purposes will remain nameless (correct me if I am wrong), Mike (who I don't know his screenname on here) and Larry (larrygator). We also ran into Derek and Nicole somewhere along the way, and Ted for the last few rides on the Flyers.


Upon leaving there is only one place to stop. SHHHEEEEEETZZZZ!


Poor 4. Nobody wants to ride you because we are all in line for row 3. Phoenix rocks.


Those crazy Twister ops.


What you might find along the way on the ride.


The haunted antique cars were great. Someone actually jumped on top of Rich and Melanie's vehicle and rode on top of it for 100 feet or so before crawling down and scaring the crap out of them. Larry's driving was scary enough for Mike and I.


These dogs know what's up.


Where else will you find a member of KISS taking a spin on a flyer scooter?


This member of X-Men was all about Twister.


Twister ran very well today. I was impressed.


Rich and Melanie are on this train and in the money seat nonetheless (first car, third row) which defies everything that I have learned about coasters over the last 2 years.


We then found out that Sir Scratch-a-Lot was also Mr. Stinky Finger, which was the cause for the smell. And that wasn't the first time he did this either. I guess he didn't get the job done the first time. No laser tag for us.


While in line for the laser tag thing, there was an ungodly funk of a stinch that filed the air. We figured out it was Sir Scatch-a-Lot at the back of the line here.


At 5 the only things open were Haunted Mansion and some laser tag thing. This was the line for Haunted Mansion, and I am proud to say that I didn't come out crying like a baby.


No pierogies today. Guest relations will here from me.


After saying that Hoffman's are better, these things decided to kick my butt, causing back spasms that haunted me for the rest of the night. Thanks sciatica!


Phhhttt. It's all about Hoffman's, or so I hear.


This dog gets my "Cutest dog of the day" Award.


Oh God. I think I just did it again. Guess I better go change again.


Very nice painting. Yours for just $69.


Cheesy Halloween stuff.


It is amazing to me that there have not been any deaths at this place.


Still love it.


Deserves it.


Love it.


Oh dear God. I think I might need to change my pants a little.


A little side...... trough?


You know that.


So they let the nerds sign some of the wood.


An exclusive POV.


This photo rated NC-17 for nerdiness.


That's a lot of wood.


Curvy. Just the way I like it.


Some lift hill action.


Wow. Just... wow.


Oh yeah. That is nice.


You could really get up close. You love it don't you? Want more?


I know that there are road construction enthusiasts out there, but I'm sure that the coaster construction enthusiasts want a little action.


That was where I was scolded thoroughly by this man. Apparently he didn't like the fact that I was snapping so much. "Tone it down! TONE IT DOWN!"


The Flyers. Duh.


Since it was like, um, 3:30, I figured it was useless to get the stamp for the afternoon ride session so I just bought some tickets to hold me over. And where did I head first?


Twister, from afar.


I had never seen the parking lot so full at this place. And then, all of the venders out front made it hard to find the entrance to the park. I just followed the ferris wheel.


... Knoebels! I made it! It's about freakin' time.


Since I was itching to use my camera along the way, and didn't have any coasters in front of me, I took a picture of the hick's paradise, Cabella's. I figured it would fit in with the them for the day at...


oooooo, my favorite!


Yeah I know. There was a sign 5 miles ago that say "Road Work 6 miles." I passed first grade thank you very much.


But of course, who was I kidding? This is Pennsylvania - state symbol: the orange cone.


I woke up a little late, but I didn't think it would be that big of a problem as I was expecting smooth traveling all the way to Elysburg. Look! There is Dorney!

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Darn it, everyone told me to sit in the very front row of Phoenix for the very best ride. I have to admit I was not disapointed, but now from your Photo TR I learn that row 3 is the best? Nice Photo TR, I really want to get back to Knoebels sometime.

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In my experience there's a little more airtime in the third seat than the first, but the real ejector experience is to be found in the very last seat. So much so that you have to be careful how you land. (For people who haven't been there, Phoenix has the classic very high, single-position lap bars.) The only time I haven't had a rough landing in the back was here at my first Phunfest. It wasn't that Phoenix wasn't running fast -- it was -- but for some reason every ride I had was smoother than every other day I've been there, and there was a lot more floating feeling between the expected pops. In fact, there were times I could swear I couldn't hear the top wheels on the track.

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Joe - Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to ride the Skooters with Rich. However, I hear that he got a few good runs.


Side note: Reason I didn't make it to Dorney today is because I can't move. The Skooters screwed me up yesterday.


As for wait times, I think the longest I waited for anything other than the haunted antique cars (long line that moved very fast.... 20 minute wait)was for the Flyers at about 12 minutes. Phoenix was about a 10 minute wait at most and Twister was about a 2-3 train wait at most.

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Nicole came off her first Phoenix ride with the strangest look on her face. It was cross between laughing and crying. I thought she was terrified but when she finally started breathing she said the ride was great and she continued to ride later in the day.


I think she will remember the airtime and lack of seatbelts.

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Nice TR Jay! We missed you at Dorney today! Good to know the real reason wasn't that we smelled bad. Sorry you're out of commission today though. Glad, however, you had the energy to press the buttons to put the TR together!


Seeing the pic of Stinky Finger Man brings back a sick kind of nostalgia!


Thanks to Jay, Larry, Big Mike, Derek, and Nicole (and sparse moments of Ted) for a great day at PPP!


And yes Joe, Rich and I loved the Skooters! We had a great time bashing into everybody! I have new respect for them! Sadly, they somehow put Hercules out of commission. Even with my own back problems and a decade on him, I still managed to get up and ride more today! Hmmmm . . .

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I'm really sorry that I couldn't make it. I was stuck to the bed all day and couldn't move. I even woke up this morning to get ready, and I just realized that my back couldn't handle it. Those damn Skooters. I would have given you a call, but I lost your number. And believe me, it is defintaely not because you smell bad. I had a GREAT time with you guys. I think it was a gift to you because you wouldn't have had to put up with my nerdy ass all day talking about the park.

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Nice to finally meet you, Jay (however brief it was). That's one of the bad things about PPP, a lot of people come out, but you hardly have enough time to see everyone AND do all the various unique thing there to do. Add in the lack of cell phone service, and its almost impossible to meet up with people. Shame you missed Dorney, next time either suck it up, or take some pain relievers.

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Just a few notes about PPP. Two of the three Flyer ops wouldn't let people snap. On Sunday I noticed that the good op was there when the guy in the picture left and the queue was full of some seasoned Flyer riders just waiting for their chance. That's the only time I rode the Flyers. Funny thing is that in the past I've seen Dick Knoebel ride by the Flyers when people are snapping and he didn't even blink an eye.


On the positive side, my group stopped by the Flying Turns on Sunday morning and we ran into Leonard Adams son. Since things were calm at the time he took us on a walking tour up the trough of the ride. It was a great surprise but not completely unexpected for Knoebels.

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