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Vegas trip help

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My wife and I are taking a trip to Vegas at the begining of November. This will be our first time. For once we are more interested in all of the other attractions instead of coasters especially since most of the reviews I have read have been fairly negative on them. We only have 3 days because we have to get home to kids. Because of limited time we will only get to ride the 4 main coasters once. Does anyone have an opinion on which seats are the best on each coaster so we can make the most out of each one? Thanks in advance.

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Speed is great in any seat - Canyon Blaster is IMO best in the front and Manhattan will be the most smooth in the front - Also keep in mind the Stratosphere Coaster is gone so there are only 3 in vegas now unless you are speaking of Desperado in which case it doesn't matter where you sit it will hurt

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Speed is totally worth the front seat. FWOOOOOOSH omg.


The Roller Coaster At New York New York is painful anywhere you sit, so you might as well make it count and sit in the front. Although, if you sit in the back, you get that awesome thing in the twist-and-dive where you hang in your restraints and then slam into your seat upside-down.


Canyon Blaster is smooth (very smooth) in the backseat, and, as a plus, it gives you some amazing g's in the loops and an interesting whipping sensation in the corkscrews that miraculously doesn't hurt. Don't forget to ride the Rim Runner (giggle giggle giggle).


Desperado...hmm. The front seat is interesting, but I'm all for the back seat (middle seat of back car/front car/whatever car). You're not going to get any airtime anywhere whatsoever anyways. Oh, don't miss the log ride or the Turbo Drop (one of the best ones I've ever gone on).

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It's just my opinion but Speed in the back seat is THE best ride is Vegas, you experience so much more from the launch.


p.s I know it's not coaster related, but a trip to Vegas isnt complete without seeing Blue Man Group, this show is just so much fun. I took my wife last year and it was the highlight of our trip.


If you dont like it, i will personally refund your money.

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