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Best Kiddie coaster ever

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It's been a few years since I've ridden the Ghoster Coaster at PCW (about 2-3 maybe) but last time I did the track was the same as always. It's still an ACE classic coaster too! I would have to put it in as my vote for favourite kiddie coaster.


I'm looking forward to expanding my kiddie coaster repetoire on the Mid-West trip in August.

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Even though I had to practically dislocate a hip to get on it, I thought Timberline Twister was kind of cute. I don't if Flying Unicorn at IOA counts as a kiddie.


Has anyone who is "ineligible" ever managed to get on Goliath Jr (I know I certainly have tried)?

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You all may think Im weird but I enjoy riding the Cobra Coasters from Wisdom. I haven't been on many kiddie coasters but there is a amusement center down here in El Paso with a Cobra Coaster and I enjoy it. I like the versions with all the spirals, not the basic lift and drop models.


EDIT: I almost forgot to add the 2 kiddie coasters at PGA. Runaway Reptar or whatever it's called and the Taxi Jam. I thought those were pretty cool. Even though Runaway Reptar was cramped and kinda intense. But great ride!

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This is soooo easy for me. That is because I LOVE this kiddie coaster:








Road Runner Express at SFFT is definitely my favorite kiddie coaster of all time!


It's got great theming, a great setting (In a quarry), and it is just an awesome ride with some good forces.

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^^Yeah, I was about to say that I would hardly classify a mine train as a kiddy (though RoadRunner IS my favorite mine coaster...) That being said, I think my favorite TRUE kiddy coaster is Little Dipper at Camden Park (aka Paddle Boats). I would say the Jr. SLC's, but I count those as more of a family ride.


Jared"who wants a MightyMiniMega"Becker

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i think ridin' on kiddie coasters are kinda good for us since

they sometimes gotta be one of the credit when stayin' at

these parks like SFMM or something like CP! the more you

love coasters, the more you also love kiddie one! don't you

guess they're real pure fun?! well when i run into those

at the park i do admit they're for gettin' credit!

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The one we have at our park, the Kettle Creek Mine coaster, is really the ONLY ride in Playland,

with a LOT of trees around it, lol! It's basically a figure 8 in layout, but the first drop packs

as nice a punch (kid-size) as to those on the bigger coaster, here. Does two circuits, and

everybody seems happy, including adults who can ride on their own if they wish to.


Not a lot of theming around it, but what's there is good! Taken during the 2015 PNE.

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I thought Diamond Mine Run at Magic Springs was really good. It had better theming than most kiddie coasters, was quite smooth, and the first drop had some kick for being so small. We rode it more than any of the big coasters, though to be fair, it was also because it had the only decent ride op in the whole park.


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Nice thread.

My choices aren't based on what I think, but which coasters my son has enjoyed the most (and wanted to ride again and again and again and again).


Air Grover at Busch Gardens Tampa

Woody Woodpecker Universal Studios

Road Runner at SFMM

Thunder Run at Canada's Wonderland

Backlot Stunt Coaster, Canada's Wonderland


We are talking for a 7 year old here. I am happy he likes the Stunt Coaster because it is quite good fun and the "launch" at the start is quite quick be it for adult or child.

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