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Official LOST Discussion Thread


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<3 Pesmond. They had me crying again.


And that wheel thing that Ben had to turn... where the Polar bears there at one point or another? I'm guessing the "exotic" matter is what made him end up in the desert a couple episodes back.

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Here is a review of the first two episodes! I can't wait. Only 22 more days!



Oh and read at your own risk. Some people may see some of what was discussed as spoilers.


Lost - TV Guide Review


That wasn't too bad as far as spoilers go. Still leaves a lot to the imagination until January. I personally cannot wait. I've been void of good TV (save for Fringe and Leverage) in the past few months.

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I just finished the finale of the season 4 dvd, now it's time to hit the bonus features. We have a ritual every night it's on to make what we call "LOST Bread", which is basically a big loaf with something different stuffed inside it, and we only make it when LOST comes on. I know the long wait really sucks, but this show is definitely worth the wait.

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Okay we're only a week away and I thought I'd give this a bit of a bump.


To everyone who wants to know where we are to this point check this out:




New promos:




And it's time to theorize:


I think the island has moved back in time. Putting it back roughly when the Dharma Inititive was inhabiting the island. So could our Losties BE the OTHERS that Dharma was so worried about? It would be a cool idea.


So come on, who else has a theory?

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John - that link to the YouTube recap was great.


Theories, I have no idea. I don't the island moved back in time, just physically moved. Then again didn't the creators say that there wouldn't be any of this hocus pocus stuff that couldn't be easily explained.


I'll just watch it and be entertained.

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^ We're getting that up here on our Space Station channel. They have been running two episodes of Season 3, then 4 every afternoon (Mon-Thurs) until next Wednesday, when it finishes up the three-part season finale.


I had forgotten some stuff that both of them had, in relation to the story arc.


Finally! After so very long, waiting.

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Needs more flux.


Daniel Faraday... the wacky time-travel physicist... he's fast becoming my favourite character.


P.S. I only caught one reference immediately last night... there was a clock on the wall, maybe in a scene with Kate, that read 9:22; the plane crashed on September 22 (9/22).

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Wow, just wow.


After playing around the edges with time travel for the last four seasons they just dove right in this time!


It's so nice to have a show that actually gives credit to the audience for having brains and the will to use them instead of putting on mindless drivel for the masses. hmmm...Does that sound a little elitist? I think that anyone who stumbles across Lost for the first time this season is going to be completely turned off by it. On the other hand, for those of us who have been watching since the beginning it's starting to pay off. I think this season will be very challenging to watch (I mean that in a good way), it's going to make us think of things (such as time) and how relative it really can be. It's going to challenge (even more than it already has) how a story is structured, and in what order it's told.


Here's how I understand what's happening:


The island has always (because of the "exotic" properties on it) been able to move the PEOPLE on it through time. It's normal state is to be slightly out of sync with the outside world.


The island was stabilized to stay in one time by the SWAN station. That's why the button had to be pushed every 108 minutes. It was regrounding the anchor so that the Dharma Inititive would always know when it was and could get to it.


Desmond doesn't push the button and our Losties get their plane all smashed up on the beach. He then manages to get the button pushed and the island once again is anchored.


Locke doesn't push the button and smashes the computer so that no one can push it. Desmond activates failsafe and hatch blows up. Island is no longer anchored. It begins to drift a little into the past and a little into the future. Think of a series of airtime hills where the crest is the future and the valley is the past. The island is slowly ping-ponging between the two. That's why Faraday's rocket was 30 minutes slow to arrive (the island was 30 minutes in the past.) and then why the doctor washed up on shore before he was killed (The island was then in the future).


Well Ben, turning the Frozen Donkey Wheel last season was like putting a Intamin hydraulic launch in line. Now the island is very quickly moving between the past and the present, and the drifts, instead of being only a day or so, are getting bigger and bigger. The airtime hills are getting bigger and bigger. The island is moving further back in time and further into the future with each "skip".


How far back can they go? Hmmm...wasn't everyone worried that Roussou's story was never going to be told because she was shot? Guess what? I think we're going to see it first hand and not in a flashback. Same thing with the question of how the Black Rock got there.


This is why Ben only has 70 hours to get everyone together. Because in 70 hours the island in going to "catch up" the three years the O6 have been off and that's the only chance they're going to have to get back on.


I think we're going to see in one of the upcoming episodes that Locke will get off the island during one of the forward skips and that's when he becomes Bentham and comes to talk with the O6.


I also think that Desmond is THE game changer in this whole thing. Even thought Faraday says that the past can't be changed; isn't that what he did when he knocked on Desmond's door? Wouldn't Desmond have remembered Faraday as "that crazy guy who knocked on my door 2 years ago" when they met (again)?


But he didn't, so Desmond (maybe because he was so close to the failsafe and was massively dosed with "exotic matter" radiation, hulk style) IS able to change the past. I think he is also the only one who will be able to re-anchor the island. Or maybe it needs to be a combination of Desmond and others (Walt maybe?) to do so.


Please feel free to tell me I'm full of BS. I think the greatest power this show has is to stimulate conversation and speculation. So if you have an opinion or thought post it. It's all good!

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