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I was reading a lost forum, which had an excellent theory on time travel about this episode:


Last night, I think I may have put together something that answers a LOT of questions. If this is the wrong forum, I apologize, please move me.


You'll have to level with me here for a minute, as it's going to seem a bit like a ramble...but with huge payoff (IMO).


Ok. End of S2, the losties have been on the island for nearly 2 months. This is also when Desmond triggers the failsafe. Now, we know that Desmond (according to the old lady in his flashbacks) is SUPPOSED to push the button, he is never meant to hit the failsafe. Did triggering the failsafe actually cause a "bleeding" effect from another reality?


So now for the evidence:


1: Daniel Farraday is crying, but does not know why when they find the wreckage of flight 815. Could it be that in the alternate universe he is actually ON the plane, and it wrecks?


2: The pilot of the boaties recognizes that the captain underwater is NOT who they think it is, because he isnt' wearing a wedding ring. He also notes that he was supposed to be the pilot. In the alternate reality...he IS the pilot. This is his own dead body he is looking at.


3: The scenes with the boaties are wrong. Everyone has assumed that they are flash forwards/flashbacks. But if that's the case, why give us the the name of where they are at. This has never happened before. The reason it's done here is because the scenes aren't flashbacks OR forwards. They are present time of when S2 ended. I guess that TECHNICALLY makes them flashbacks, but still of a different nature.


4: When Miles is at the old lady's home, to talk to her dead grandson, they focus on the pictures on the wall. Twice. At first I thought it was so we could recognize the person in the photos. Upon rewinding, I've found it to be so that we notice the change in frames. Miles goes upstairs, and when he comes back down, the pictures are in different frames. What happened in those five minutes he went upstairs? The "bleeding" effect I was talking about. Why then? Because that was the moment Desmond broke time. (if anyone has screens they can put up of the pictures in frames, thanks).


Where I'm going with this:


Roughly 2 months after 815 is declared "lost", Desmond triggers the failsafe on Island. This creates some sort of temporal rift, allowing two realities to "bleed" into one another. In one reality, 815 crashes onto the island, and there are survivors. In the other, 815 crashes into the ocean, and all die. In one, Farraday AND the pilot are on 815. In the other, the Island still brings them, just by other means.


Very interesting...

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^Regardless if she knows or not, he did raise her all of her life so she will always have that connection with him.


I don't know. If my real mother appeared out of nowhere and told me that I was stolen from her as a baby by a man who then pretended to be my father. Then I'd be a little pissed at him esepcially nowhere this my mother was searching for me that whole time. Alex also never seemed to have a great relationship with Ben, so for those reasons I just don't get it.

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Episode--Confirmed Dead. 2/7/08


Abaddon makes another appearance in this episode, most likely representing Dharma. Clearly Abaddon, or whomever he represents is well funded. Since, they managed to stage an airline wreck at the bottom of the ocean, and then send a expedition to film it.


The reason to do this is to leave no doubt in the public mind that there were no survivors, hence nobody will continue to "look" for the missing plane. (and perhaps find the island) Since Abaddon has convinced the general public that the plane is unrecoverable, he can now focus his attention on his actual agenda---Ben Linus. (The man who 'purged' Dharma off the island)


Abaddon has sent an in a unique group of people to accomplish this task, Dan-(a physicist), Charlotte-(an anthropologist), Miles-(a ghosthunter), Frank (a drunken pilot) and the now deceased Naomi. I believe that the first four have some type of connection to the island, and this is why they were selected.


We see Dan watching the television coverage of the wreck at which point he becomes very emotional, to the point that his (wife?) asks him why he's so upset.

Miles, has a gift which allows him to communicate with the dead. (perhaps he'll be able to communicate with Jacob?)

Charlotte, while examining the Polar Bear Dharma Collar, almost seems to recognize it. (perhaps she has been to the island before, maybe as a child)

Lastly, Frank was supposed to have already been on the island, but due to an act of Fate (switching places with his pilot friend Seth) he missed his date with destiny.

In anycase, if the island does "Let" people in, then this particular group may have had an easier time getting thru.


For decades Ben and his people have been working with Jacob to bring about some type of "end event" for the island. (likely the series finale)

Whereas the Dharma (Abaddon) group have been trying to prevent it.


The island Let In flight 815, because it needed specific people from that plane to assist them on finishing Bens work. But, since the Oceanic Six are going to leave the island, this is going to cause problems for the island when it comes to reaching its eventual 'end event' goal.


As for the speculation about the Oceanic Six, I believe that Sawyer will not be one of them. He will stay on the island, this is why he goes with Locke. Also, we haven't seen Sawyer in any of the flash forward sequences. But! Sawyer will likely be the reason Jack and Hurley will use to convince Kate to go back to the island. She clearly loves him, and won't be able to live with the fact that she left him behind.


Finally, in regards to Bens man on the boat, I would have to go with Michael. The way Michael was willing to leave that pier, while his fellow survivors all had guns to their heads, was unacceptable. Hopefully now that Walt is safe, he is trying to do whatever he can to help the castaways.


Also, as a side note........When Frank is watching the television coverage about the submerged plane, there was a 800 number listed on the TV for relatives to call. Did you know someone on that plane? Then you better call the flight 815 hotline at 888-548-0034.



I have to watch Lost more focussed it seems, as I always miss most of the details you guys notice.

It is great to read these reviews and 'catch up'

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"confirmed dead" was alot better than the premiere in my opinion

a polar bear in tunisia?!

it seemed like charlotte knew what the hydra symbol was, how would she know about dharma?


i've heard alot of rumors that the end of this weeks episode will be AMAZING

it needs to be thursday already!

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LOST executive produce Carlton Cuse stated today that they plan to produce FIVE more episodes of season 4. This is three fewer than their original scheduled amount, but that they will make up those three missing episodes by producing a total of 35 shows between seasons 5-6.


Cuse also stated that there will be at least a 4 week hiatus between the broadcast of 4x08 and the new 4x09.


Well I'm glad the strike is over, lets hope that the writers have been thinking up some ideas while walking the picket line.

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^^I find it interesting that Sayid is one of the Oceanic 6 and working as a hitman for Ben after they get off the island.


Kate decided to stay with Sawyer in Locke's camp.


Sayid and Desmond are on the way to the boat.


I liked the movement of the episode.

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No worries!


I think that people are smart enough to either AVOID this thread if they haven't seen the current episode, or they are people like me that don't mind knowing what's going to happen.


As for Kate and Sawyer getting it on again...


Come on, that was like so amazing last season, I won't mind seeing it again!

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Yeah from the spoilers I've read one of the next episodes is about Kate, and she ends up getting 10 years probation (mainly thanks to Jack) at her trial for killing her step-dad. So that's how she's free back in the real world and an official member of the Oceanic 6.

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Yeah from the spoilers I've read one of the next episodes is about Kate, and she ends up getting 10 years probation (mainly thanks to Jack) at her trial for killing her step-dad. So that's how she's free back in the real world and an official member of the Oceanic 6.


Hey woman no spoilers, please! Don't make me boycott this website.

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