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Episode--The Beginning of the End. 1/31/08


LOST has finally returned! I wish the season was going to be longer than 8 episodes, but that's still 2 months worth!


The season starts off with Hurleys Flash Forward car chase, where we learn he's a member of the "Oceanic Six?" Obviously Hurley knows what happened to the other 815 survivors,(left behind on the island???) since Jack later asks him if he is going "to tell".


Who exactly visited Hurley in the mental institution? Mathew Abbadon could have been the Smoke Monster, when he leaves the room you really only see a shadow exiting the door.


Jacobs cabin makes another appearance, this time for Hurley. Did Jacob wish to see Hurley? When he looks into the cabin, he see's someone in the chair, not to mention the eye at the door. So we know that Hurley can also see Jacob.....


Charlie returns, and I don't believe that he was a part of Hurleys imagination. ("I am dead, but I'm also here") Charlie was there to talk to Hurley about the people left behind on the island, when he tells him "They Need You".


Jacks character has developed a harder edge compared to his more diplomatic past. This is obvious when he was willing to shoot Locke in the face!


As a side note, the word "HO" shows up many times in this episode. In the mental institution there are two letters on a back shelf. (A Blue "H" and an Orange "O") When Hurley see's Charlie in the convenience store, he says that Charlie is next to the "Ho Ho's" and finally when Hurley plays Horse with Jack,(and jack misses two throws) Hurley says thats "HO". H and O are numbers 8 and 15 in the alphabet.


Overall, I like the episode, and I'm looking forward to next Thursday night.

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^It appears the Oceanic 6 are sworn to secrecy. Hurley refuses to even acknowledge that he knew Ana Lucia to her former partner.


I thought it was very cool finding out that six people make it off the island...start guessing now! (Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sawyer, Sayid, Juliet would be my guesses)


Should we start a "Guess the Oceanic 6" thread? In addition to Kate, Jack and Hurley my selections are Sawyer, Sayid and Ben (who I think is in the coffin at the end of last season). I initially wanted to say Claire, Aaron and Ben.

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A lot of people on the scary Lost forums were saying Claire and Aaron, but I don't buy it. I guess in one of Desmond's visions they were off the island. Also, someone was sayng that the coffin was small like a child so it might have been Aaron's funeral?


I think that those two will stay. My reasoning for who I chose:


Jack - Flash Forward confirms he's off (OR DOES IT!?!?)

Kate - Flash Forward confirms she's off (OR DOES IT!?!?)

Hurley - Flash Forward confirms he's off (OR DOES IT!?!?)

Juliet - Like Jack said, the only person who wants off of the island as much as he does. Although I think there's a good chance she could be killed off. And she wasn't technically on the flight so can she not be part of the 'Oceanic Six'?

Sayid - Also hell bent on getting off the island.

Sawyer - I'd like to think in a perfect world that he was the one Kate was getting 'back to' in the Season 3 Finale.


I'd love to hear everyone else's picks!

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But could Ben and/or Juliet really be considered for the "Oceanic 6" considering they were not on the flight? I think Ben may be taken off the island as well but he's not included in the 6. It's the writers clever way of getting more people off the island than the 6 mentioned.


My guesses for the O6 would be








Also, what the hell happened with Michael and Walt?!

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^I think Walt and Michael are supposed to come back sometime this season?


I agree that they're being sneaky with how many people actually get off the island because of the flight vs. other people.


My reasoning for not putting Sun on my list: The pregnancy thing. She got pregnant on the island so she'll either die, or if she survives they'll want to keep her on the island to find out why.

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So um... I saw Lost yesterday and... It's still totally confusing as ever.


I'm thinking the Oceanic 6 are people who can see/hear Jacob...


So here's my 6 that make it off the island







Aand I'll throw a random person... that one guy who hasn't aged for 40 years and was the "others" back when Dharma was there.


Oh Btw... that crazy guy with Hurley can see Charlie too... so um... is he dead or not?

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I think that the title number "Oceanic 6" is also subject to change, depending on how the "present" unfolds and the eventual future, happens.


"Oceanic 6" could change into "Oceanic 11", hmm? Or "9" Maybe?


It's possible.

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Here's a random thought.


Everyone is talking about the "Oceanic 6" as if they are the survivors of FLT 815. But are they really?


Right now there is a "contest" by Oceanic airlines to give away Golden Tickets which will let you fly anywhere anytime with them (Sound familiar?)


What if the "Oceanic 6" are the winners of this contest?


Further, what if the contest was rigged so that the six who made it back to civilization are the winners, because it's part of the payoff to make sure they stay silent about the island?


Now, given what we know about the characters, (Especially Jack) it would seem that they would never just leave everyone else behind. So what happens that would convince Jack to shut up, even for a little while? I don't know, but I think that will be the real driving force of this season or perhaps next season.

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Are the writers still on strike ? Enough ideas here to fill the rest of the season

I took a look at the screencap site and thought it is quite interesting & funny to see how some people go over every smallest detail and put their findings on the web.


I liked the episode and can't wait till next episode.

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Well, according to recent reports, the writers' strike is closer to being over, but it likely won't be over in time for a lot of new episodes (if any) this season. I think I read somewhere that the head writer for "Lost" is actually one of the strike leaders.


I don't buy the theory that the Oceanic 6 are winners of the Golden Ticket contest. In last season's finale, Jack implied that each of the survivors received a Golden Ticket, not that they had won them. Kate was pretty adamant about not even wanting to use hers, so I can't see where she would have entered a contest for it.


As for who the Oceanic 6 are, my guess is:






Sawyer (doing what he's always done--surviving)



Now admittedly, Michael is somewhat of a wild card. But rumor has it he'll be returning to the island this season. He has the good guy/bad guy rep that would make him the perfect candidate for the person in the coffin. Of course, so do Sawyer and Locke, but I would think Kate would have wanted to go to Sawyer's funeral, and Hurley's "I'm sorry I went with Locke" speech in the gym leads me to believe Locke screwed up pretty royally--again--and likely didn't make it off (even if he eventually wanted to).


Besides the identity of the person in the coffin, the biggest question I have now is what made Jack change his mind about going back to the island. Obviously the flash forward at the mental institution occurred very shortly after they returned to the mainland--people are still asking Jack for autographs, and Hurley screams "Oceanic 6" with a degree of significance it wouldn't have had, say, five years after their return. Hurley wants to go back, but Jack is adamantly against it. Flash forward to the scenes in last season's finale, and Jack has grown the beard he mentioned to Hurley, and he's telling Kate they have to go back.


I've spent too many years of my life over-analyzing this show. So help me, it better end right....

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OK, we just know that the last 5 seconds of tonight's epsiode will be that Asian looking guy about to reveal to Jack why he is on the island.


My only grips is the frequency that the trailers serve as a teaser for the show two weeks down the road.

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So my Tivo must have cut the last couple minutes off. I ended with Locke asking Ben what the smoke monster was so I don't know if anything happened after that.. Oh well, i'm finish up on ABC.com.


So I called the oceanic airline number out of bordem. This was the 888-548-0034 number showed on the news report on the show. It was pretty standard about the crash.


Ok, so is there this big huge plot to cover up the crash? Did someone literally put a plane in the water with other bodies in it? At least this is finally tying into the online game that was playing.

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I thought it rocked hard. I can't figure out everything that's going on, but I loved the revelation that Ben has someone on the boat that has been reporting to him. And the fact that Dharma has gone to incredible expense to make the world think that everyone died when the plane crash. I'm hoping that we're building towards some revelations about why they want to control the island so badly.


Looking forward to next week...



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I am liking where they are taking the show. I really could use a break from the love quadrangle/rhombus and all the soap opera drama. Finally, we had an action-based episode!


I am almost willing to take on more mysteries now, if they will finally start getting back to action episodes similar to Season 1.


I guess the questions I have after this episode are:


1) Who is this helicoptor pilot and what does it mean that he was supposed to be the pilot of Oceanic Flight 815?


2) Who is the man that Ben has from their boat? Is he an inside man or did Ben kidnap him?


3) In Myles' flashback, who was the son that he found the money with the drugs.


4) Why did Dharma pick four seemingly random people to head the big "rescue" on the island? A physicist, a pilot, a ghost-hunter, and an anthropoligist. Sounds like a cast list for Gilligans Island to me.

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My theory is that Dharma put a mock plane in the ocean with bodies so that nobody would stumble upon the island while searching for 815. Find the plane in the ocean, and they'll stop looking.


And what's with the polar bear in the desert?

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^ The polar bear is probably related to the research that Dharma was performing on the island. They somehow changed the genetics of polar bears so that they could survive on the island. The polar bears that we see attacking the losties are the ones from the research and they escaped during the "purge".

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The preview for next week was also exciting...we'll find out another Oceanic 6 member. Although as cool as that is, it does seem like they can do whatever they want with how many people REALLY made it off the island so who knows!


As much as I want to hate Ben, when he said "because I have someone from their Boat" damn, he's just so awesomely bad.


And all of their looks when they find out that Hurley knows about the cabin.


Yeah, it was a good episode, although now there are more annoying people to try and learn backstory's and crap too!

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Okay so that was an awesome episode!


Things that caught my eye:


The picture of Ben looks like it was taken that doesn't resemble anything we've seen on the island. It looked like a lab (maybe off the island in the real world?) and it looked like he was dressed in early 80's clothes. So maybe before the Dharma purge?


Dan didn't know why he was so emotional when he saw the crash wreckage. Could he have somehow been involved in some of the experiments on the island and then been mind wiped? Now that the survivors are messing around on the island (blowing up the hatch) Dharma or Widmore need to bring him back to help fix things.


The plane at the bottom of the ocean. Bear with me on this since it's not a completely thought out theory. Maybe it really is Oceanic 815 on the bottom of the ocean, but not the one we know. When the plane passed through the wave of electromagnetic energy created by Desmond not pushing the button on time, it ripped the fabric of space-time and allowed FLT 815 from another reality through. A reality that is close to ours but there are small differences. (Like the pilots wedding ring). THAT plane went down to the bottom of the ocean. OUR losties plane broke up over the island and we know what happened from that point on.


I know that the alternate dimension theory isn't popular with a lot of people, but if you look at the Orchid training film in the bonus section of Season 3, you'll see that there is something on the island that can either produce a clone, intersect the same object from two different realities, or (and this goes into the time travel theory) make something go back or forward in time so that it exists in two places at the same time.

(Sorry I let the geek in me out)


There are still a ton of questions to be answered but I can wait, if the rest of the ride is as enjoyable as last nights episode.

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In a previous season didn't Ben (or someone another of the others) say that the losties wouldn't be found because no one was looking for them anymore because the plane crash site had been found? - Can someone verify this happened and I am not imagining it.


^John - I thought the same thing about that picture of Ben. Although I don't think Ben has left the island since being brought there. Maybe the picture was taken on the sub.


Also, I'm still confused about Alex. Didn't Rousseau tell her yet that she is her mother and Ben is not the father


I also can't find the connection between the 4 people traveling with Naomi. However something bad must happen to the people on the "rescue" ship in the future if Naomi's boss wants information from Hurley who is still on the island. The people on the "rescue" ship now have the coordinates of the island so they should be able to get back there if still capable.


Lastly, where are Richard and the remaining others hiding out nowadays.

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In a previous season didn't Ben (or someone another of the others) say that the losties wouldn't be found because no one was looking for them anymore because the plane crash site had been found?

Yes, I believe he told him in the beginning of the 3rd season but I'm not sure.


Also, I'm still confused about Alex. Didn't Rousseau tell her yet that she is her mother and Ben is not the father.

Ben told her that Rousseau was her mother at the end of the 3rd season. I don't think she knows that Ben isn't her real father. The "others" took her from Rousseau after she had her and killed the infected Dharma people. Ben probably hasn't told her that he's not her real father just to have control over her.

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Episode--Confirmed Dead. 2/7/08


Abaddon makes another appearance in this episode, most likely representing Dharma. Clearly Abaddon, or whomever he represents is well funded. Since, they managed to stage an airline wreck at the bottom of the ocean, and then send a expedition to film it.


The reason to do this is to leave no doubt in the public mind that there were no survivors, hence nobody will continue to "look" for the missing plane. (and perhaps find the island) Since Abaddon has convinced the general public that the plane is unrecoverable, he can now focus his attention on his actual agenda---Ben Linus. (The man who 'purged' Dharma off the island)


Abaddon has sent an in a unique group of people to accomplish this task, Dan-(a physicist), Charlotte-(an anthropologist), Miles-(a ghosthunter), Frank (a drunken pilot) and the now deceased Naomi. I believe that the first four have some type of connection to the island, and this is why they were selected.


We see Dan watching the television coverage of the wreck at which point he becomes very emotional, to the point that his (wife?) asks him why he's so upset.

Miles, has a gift which allows him to communicate with the dead. (perhaps he'll be able to communicate with Jacob?)

Charlotte, while examining the Polar Bear Dharma Collar, almost seems to recognize it. (perhaps she has been to the island before, maybe as a child)

Lastly, Frank was supposed to have already been on the island, but due to an act of Fate (switching places with his pilot friend Seth) he missed his date with destiny.

In anycase, if the island does "Let" people in, then this particular group may have had an easier time getting thru.


For decades Ben and his people have been working with Jacob to bring about some type of "end event" for the island. (likely the series finale)

Whereas the Dharma (Abaddon) group have been trying to prevent it.


The island Let In flight 815, because it needed specific people from that plane to assist them on finishing Bens work. But, since the Oceanic Six are going to leave the island, this is going to cause problems for the island when it comes to reaching its eventual 'end event' goal.


As for the speculation about the Oceanic Six, I believe that Sawyer will not be one of them. He will stay on the island, this is why he goes with Locke. Also, we haven't seen Sawyer in any of the flash forward sequences. But! Sawyer will likely be the reason Jack and Hurley will use to convince Kate to go back to the island. She clearly loves him, and won't be able to live with the fact that she left him behind.


Finally, in regards to Bens man on the boat, I would have to go with Michael. The way Michael was willing to leave that pier, while his fellow survivors all had guns to their heads, was unacceptable. Hopefully now that Walt is safe, he is trying to do whatever he can to help the castaways.


Also, as a side note........When Frank is watching the television coverage about the submerged plane, there was a 800 number listed on the TV for relatives to call. Did you know someone on that plane? Then you better call the flight 815 hotline at 888-548-0034.

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