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Theme-Kingdom Resort [RCT2]

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So, a friend said to me: "Lets build a Copro-Park with RCT 2!" Okay, we build, but now, we don´t have many material to show

But we can show the big Area at the Entrance....but the Entrance isn´t build! It´s a bis Park ( 120x120 ).


Here is the Pic!




We hope you Enjoy



DelLagos and Friend

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So, i have news for you....

Now the park is called "Theme-Kingdom Resort" !!!

I have build the Entrance, the street to the park + carpark and i have made the Paths invisible, so the peeps run over the scenery


Here are 2 Pics....



The Entrance





Now, it looks like this:





I hope you enjoy!

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Saw the picture on recent update. I said "HOLY S$@#!" Seriosuly! The entrance looks awesome!


And also, in the begining i couldn't speak very well english but the internet has learned me so much!


Ok, so your Afrikaans? You are automatically COOL! I'm reading story about English/Blacks/Afrikaans in South Africa. Maybe you have heard of power of one?

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So, an early update


My friend began to build the pirates-area. I saw it, and i build the station to his Watercoaster and i themed the lift into the station....


I dont want to say many words, let the pics speak !!!


Thrill Riders - Simulator + Merry-Go-Round




The pirates-area




I hope you enjoy!

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  • 3 weeks later...

So, nice things for your eyes :Big Grin:

Afrika Corps. is after a long time finished and we are lucky, to show you the result.....

Now, we show you pictures without words, in the order like the ride is....





Here a overview of the ride :






The overview of the park :






We hope you enjoy!!!!

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Okay, after a long, long time I´m back at this site...

I built a lot, but I didn´t show it here.

But I´m going to do this now...


I started a new area.

The harbour themed area has a few stalls, a twister and a vertical drop coaster at the moment.

I will build there a few attractions more, but later....



Here are the Pictures :




The Lighthouse-Tower



The last new halls



The Twister



A little Teaser-Pic



An overview of the park






I hope you like it!


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Okay, after a long time, I show you an update!!!

I build a lot and the harbour area is nearly finished...


Here are the Pics:



The turn after the third underground section, in the background a container ship



The blockbrake and the container ship ( It is my first ship in RCT2 )



The section after the blockbrake



The Overview






I hope you like it!



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