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Happy Birthday Derek!!!


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Damn you, Wrebbit! I was supposed to make this thread!


Happy birthday, Derek. We'll celebrate this weekend.


For now, here are your birthday cakes.



Happy Birthday!


And a beer birthday cake.. um.. a birthday cake shaped like beer!


It's a birthday cake taco! I mean a taco birthday cake!

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Ooh, yay, new pics of Derek wasted for me to check out!


Happy Birthday D, have fun celebrating with the love of your life this weekend. And if you can find a way to fit Nicole into the beer-filled schedule I'm sure she'd be happy!

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Thanks for the bday wishes everyone. Tonight I'll celebrate by going to a seafood buffet, and then I'll break into the birthday beers I got.


And for everyone who thinks ACErs are bad, nurses are worse! Someone managed to cut into my birthday cake this morning and take a piece before they even could give it to me! Now you know why I drink!

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Happy birthday! Here's a picture of Derek five years ago I found in the TPR archives:




And I tried to find a picture of Hersheypark's SooperDooperLooper loop and Great Bear's vertical loop in one picture, but couldn't find anything now, so this will do:


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