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Las Vegas Hotel Recommendations


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OK, I'm looking to spend 2 nights in Las Vegas from Thursday November 9 till Saturday November 11. I've had a good serch through, but nothing already up really answered my questions.


I have a budget of $500 max for the 2 nights, as the Friday night will be considerably more expensive than the Saturday.


The hotel needs to be in a good area (not too many hookers/drug dealers), with AirCon and free parking preferred. Circus Circus seems pretty reasonable, it's quite cheap and not too far from everything, but I have no idea whether it's ok!

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Circus Circus IS ghetto. Its old, and run down.


I stayed at Courtyard by Marriott off of Industrial Road. They have some very nice rooms and service. $133 per night isn't bad either! You have a nice view of Mandalay Bay if you get a north room. Free parking, and free shuttle to Mandalay Bay. I liked it.




Edit: *1700* Post!!!

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Ew. Ya. Circus Circus is a ghetto hotel, and that's said from having stayed there a few times in the past. It's overrun with underage children storming the arcades, indoor theme park, and games. The adults are either really old people or parents with children which would honestly if not for their kids rather stay at Paris or Caesars Palace. Paint on every building facade is fading, the parking structure and area is something you'd find in downtown Los Angeles, and the accomodations are from from even 3-star.


In addition, most people assume Circus Circus is in a good location. Far from it. It's considered to be on the "Far end" of the strip about a block from Stratosphere, which is the last hotel on the strip. Poor location if you decide to leave your hotel and walk around to find things to do.


My recommendation is the 4-star rated Monte Carlo.


It's in one of the most choice locations ON the Las Vegas strip, sandwiched inbetween the New York New York and Bellagio resorts. I looked up the nights in which you're staying and the rates are Friday: $169.41; Saturday: $298.83. That's within your budget which is also great for such a nice hotel.


I make the recommendation based on the information you've given me and my past experience with this hotel and casino. It's affordable, yet also strangely upscale at the same time. It opened in 1999 so it is still considered a "new" hotel (as opposed to the 1968 opening of Circus Circus). It has expensive luxury dining options, a full-scale buffet that really is a bang for your buck, in addition to a food court if all you want is a coffee, pizza or cheeseburger with an ice cream cone.

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It kind of depends on what you want out of a hotel. Monte Carlo is a nice resort on the strip in a good location.

If you don't mind driving or catching a cab you can stay off the strip for a lot less. Not as convenient as staying on the strip but it could save you a lot of money.

Take a look at the Tropicana too. It is not as nice as the Monte Carlo but it could save you $80 a night and it just across the street.

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You definitely want to stay on the Main Strip (versus the North Strip where Circus Circus, Sahara, Hilton and Stratosphere are). Much more happening for a hipster like you Tom.


The most affordable in the area are Tropicana and Excalibur two of the most affrodable on the Main Strip. Excalibur tends to have more families but generally has the best room deals. These can be had for much less than $500 total leaving more money for the other things that stay in Vegas.


Personally if you want to spend all your $500 limit check out if Hard Rock Hotel has avails. Great atmosphere and pool, it's my favorite place to stay even though it is a cab ride (or 15 minute brisk walk) from the Strip, but if you are going to have a car consider it.

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I've always just stayed at my aunt's house, but I doubt that's an option.


We stayed at the Flamingo. It wasn't very memorable. The only thing I do remember was that we walked about a mile and a half to get to our room, and that was just from the elevator.

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Check the rates at Bally's first since it's dead center on the Strip and a great hotel for the price, after that check The Flamingo and Harrah's both are good hotels and have great locations. Don't stay off the Strip unless it's the Rio, Palms or Hard Rock as the chain hotels and motels off the strip are a rip-offs you end up paying the same as the big hotels and have none of the amenities. All of the Strip hotels have hookers working the bars after midnight if one starts chatting you up just tell her your not interested and she will move on to someone else, also around 4:30 am it's fun to watch the Pimp's and Ho's parade as security boots them all out because they want to close all but one of the hotel bars and get them out of there before the senior citizens start coming down from their rooms to play slots.

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We stayed at Aladdin which is under re-construction. It’s a great location right in the middle of the strip. This means the rates are good but the hotel lacks the wow factor. We didn't hear any noise or see anything really.



Its nothing like Belagio’s or Ceasers palace but the rooms are good. We went to Circus for the coaster & the place is nasty completely different vibe to central strip kinda like a nightmare version of Vegas.


Its too easy to spend time travelling around vegas as its deceptively big so location is really important.


Aladdin was around $200 on the weekend booked via a website in the uk. You could also try priceline, we got some great hotels on our trip.

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OK i'm gonna put my flame sesistant suit on but I have to say this:

I stayed in the sahara in september and I liked it! Is it as good as the bellaggio or the like....... offcourse not but I paid $50,- a night and stayed in the biggest hotel room I ever had


Also from the hotel you can take the elevator to the monorail which will take you to center off all the action on high class strip within 5 minutes.


If you want some real shabby hotels go to the french country side and you will get a bed that makes your back hurt, no airco, and a shower with 3 drops of cold water a minute for only €100,- a night.

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