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THE L.A PARK {rct3}

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here come the screen shots........


what is really in that building?



NO one knows what lies inside of the small building. It is said that the ride is much larger than it seems.




Hells Way is a very mysterious ride.


Hells Way, the parks first ride


gift shop


gift shop and owners home


overview of the uncomplete entrance area

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Cool, its awesome to see people get started in the game forum becasue it is lots of fun. Your park looks pretty good and your building arent to blocky so I would say your on the right track!


To make your pics bigger, go to save as and then change in to a jpeg file. I hope you change them because Hells Way looks like it has a pretty cool outside.


Good park and keep up the good work!

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My probelm with this park is that there is no transition into Hell's Way. There's somewhat of a mainstreet, and then there's a random darkride plopped down next to a classic style street. I'd suggest putting a waveswinger or Carousel there, to keep the theme constant. Do an area for specificly themed rides, like a Haunted area, a space area, etc. Kinfd of like Disneyland or other theme parks.

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I added some dark themed rides to the area next to Hell's Way. I couldn't take hell's Way out because it's actually a coaster.


Anyway, i added a new coaster called I&M (intamin & mobilard)

it's a mix between a b&m and an intamin coaster. There is more theming and a station building to be put around I&M.




ps-sorry the photos are in the wong order, just look at the photos from bottom to top.


overview again


more pov




some of the uncomplete area next to I&M


the B&M zero gravity and cobra roll


Intamin top hat part


overview of the new area

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Don't let any jerks tell you differently.




I guess i am a jerk then...




Umm, i like the idea for the coaster, but it just looks kinda... messy to me. I get that it is a mix between an itamin and a B&M, but it is still kinda all over the place.

I think it is a bit too high off the ground, and it also needs some custom supports.

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i took the adice from "golefsgo" and took out the messy coaster replacing it with a practical corckscrew. I also changed the are next to the coaster and have a new area called Animal Kingdom coming up.


Plus, can anyone tell me how to take vidoes in the game.


more updates to come VERY soon


corckscrew from a horses view!


loop de loop


oerview of the new coaster named "CORCKSCREW", yeah, a very creative name


the newly renovated are and the start of animal kingdom (horses).


signs are popping up

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What Worm is saying is that there's not many coasters named Corckscrew (with a C).


Now that that's settled (hopefully) we can stop going on about it and get back to actually commenting on the park! I think that it looks really great so far, I can't wait to see more of the animal exibits, it's one of the more unique things about parks!

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