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Photo TR:Mystery Mine Construction Tour and Night Of Thunder

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Those of us that attended Night of Thunder this year got a chance to get a Construction Tour of the Mystery MIne before ERT started. We meet at 6:30 by the gate to be let into the area that will open to the public Friday April 13, 2007. I could go on and ramble on but I know you want to see the pictures. WIll get the rest up after I get back from the ballgame sunday.




Some Brakes


Ted pointing...I guess he is pointing at the Mystery Mine



Some early theming of ride


Oviewview of back area


View from above


Over and Under


I prefer 69 but 62 will be fine in this case.


Terrain hugging helix


One of the Verticle Lifts


Got more curves that a super model!


Twisted Turn on backside of building


Track inside the Structure


Closer view of the Mystery Mine Building


Just about 5 months to go.


What is this we have inside the building?


The Mine itself


Justin admiring the inversion before taking a pic to remember it by.


The 95 degree drop


View while walking up to the construction area.


As you can see there has been alot done since my last trip to the park.

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The Mine looks to be quite the attraction ride.


It's nice to see that the smaller steel coasters being created now, can actually be totally enclosed and themed for a really good all-encompassing experience... and thrills too!


Thanks for sharing the tour, Dave.

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in comparison to this pic how is that roll taken?


Man I had no idea about this event...


There is an inclined complete heartline roll, then a half roll into the half loop. It should be a cool element actuially! Im looking forward to seeing how this thing looks when its completed, it already looks cool now! Maybe an 07 DW trip is in order...


Colin C

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Best steel of 2007.



Uhh....95 degree drop into a dive loop into some brakes. Then some other randomness. Not saying it will suck, but best steel of '07? I doubt it.


Random? This is the most thought out ride of '07 if you ask me. The best storyline hands down, and I believe the theming will be very good. I don't think MM will dissapoint!


-James Dillaman

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