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Knex fans...you are going to love this!


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^^There is some way that you rig up this thing where you get some of the track tubing hits the side of the train. It is kind of comlex looking I think. It is almost like Schwarzkopf brakes where the brakes stop it using side fins on the train unlike the usual bottom fins on B&M's.


That coaster was very cool though. I grew out of knew coasters, but if I had that many sets, I would still be building.

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WOW! I remember getting the Screamin' Serpent roller coaster at about 9? I built it in two weeks, it's still set up in my basement. That was cool - he added all of the things that knex coasters SHOULD have; he added brakes, a station, and CORKSCREWS! The guy who built this must have had a tough time building the helix and the corkscrews... amazing construction!

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The coaster in real life may be a Vekoma, but with the Knex track it is actually worse. Imagine if Vekoma decided to switch the wheels to the outside of the track, but they left a good 6 inches or clearence between the wheels and the track...ouch!


Anyways, this coaster was made buy a guy in the Netherlands...I think its Jogumpie on Screamin Serpent Coasters forums. Funny thing is that he didn't think the coaster was very good. Theres some amazing stuff on the site, which is arguably better than this coaster.

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