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re-editable no limits challenge

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This is not a competition.


I have decided to make a new no limits track but what I would like to do is put this incompleted track up for people to edit and repost to see what can be done with it. I'm not asking for people to do it for me as i'm working on my design. Also include made up inversions, (got to experiment) anyway the file is below with what I have done, which is the lift and my drop, what can everyone else do?


For people who do not have no limits here is what mine looks like so far



Have a good time making them up, i'll post my updates when I can


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this is not for me, its for anyone, just to see what they can come up with, I can do my own.


The reason behind this idea was that I make the start and everyone else can make their own track using the original start.


I repeat this is not for my benifit.


I know I posted this as a non no limits competition and it was, what I would like to say that it is for a little bit of fun.


If you wish to join in just download the track and make your own up and show everyone else what you can do

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Heres my entry:


Why is it called Immortal? I have no idea! I was listening to My Immortal when building it so i decided hey that would be a cool name for a ride, yet has nothing to do with it!

It is a short ride with 4 loops and an S turn right after the drop, dont worry its banked. This is my first NL Coaster upload ever so comments will be greatly appreciated.

NOTE: Station, Lift, and First Drop i did NOT adjust at all.


No Limits Track-Immortal


Vertical Loop


Zero G Roll

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