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Can you ride Colossus 'backwards' for 13 straight hours?

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Got this email from SFMM this morning in case anybody is interested.


Dare to ride Colossus, backwards … for 13 hours on Friday the 13th of October!


This year, to celebrate Friday the 13th, the 13 days of Fright Fest 2006 and the 13th AnniverSCARY of Fright Fest, Six Flags Magic Mountain is holding a 13 hour coaster scare-a-thon on our signature Fright Fest coaster, Colossus – BACKWARDS!


Participants left after 13 hours will win a pair of 2007 Xtreme Season Passes and VIP access to SFMM Fright Fest.


Call 661-255-5917.

Space is limited.




PHOTO TR ADDED: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=30061

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Hell no!


When I went on American Eagle backwards, it was fun, but we all got the crap beat out of us. That helix is not kind to backwards riders. One ride was enough on that. I can't imagine that Colossus could have a terribly different experience.


Will anyone win this? That's a really long time to be going backwards on a coaster... backwards motion has a lot more potential for nausea than forwards motion.

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In all seriousness, the trains are just reversed and traverse the track in the same way as normal... the only difference is that, well, the trains are backwards.


I also believe that brakes must be placed differently, anti-rollbacks placed differently, and the computer system must be updated to run the trains backwards. Also, some station work must happen... like lap bar releases must be changed around, along with any safety signs.

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i cant tell if you guys are screwing with me or not.


We're not. Coasters are designed to be able to make it through the course one way--they can't go the opposite way. However, turning the trains backwards still allows the coaster to go through the course the same way it was designed.


Gravity would dictate that it would be impossible to simply bring a coaster like Colossus through the course backwards (starting with the brake run and ending with the lifthill.) It simply would never work. And it would suck too.

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