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Maximum Throttle [NL] (Download on 1st page)

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Yea that is the standard 1.6 tunnel, my friends Maxamillious takes the pics for me since he has 1.6 and it looks better, but im still trying to mess around and make the 3ds tunnel. Sorry for the download delay, but im still thinking of stuff to add, like the tunnel, a car skin, and MAYBE a que and sutff steps leading up to the station. I'll have some details soonn.

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Hey guys, sorry about the lack of updates in the past few days. I've been working really hard on MT and it is almost fully complete. I'm working on the que and exit right now, and progress is going quickly so I should be done pretty soon. I'll post some pics as soon as i can.

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Yea i'll post a video once the ride is completed.


EDIT: Here are some pics of progress so far. All I need to finish up is the main que and then supports. Download, incase any of you want to know, should be up before next week. Then a video on the weekend for all you non NLers to enjoy . Now for some pics.


The exit ramp.


Que stairs leading up to the station.


The unfinished que line.


The exit ramp, which will create a cool headchopper effect when the supports for the ramp are done.

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Only one ride has that and its because its so tall that varying weather and train conditions could cause rollbacks.


All you needed to use was a brake segment, turn off kicker wheels, then turn off block segment and youd have some trims.




However, I feel a properly designed tophat wouldnt need it anyways. KK is the only one to have trims at the top. And I thought it was one of the lamest things ever.

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