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Photo TR: Derek goes to Germany


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Every ride is from a different vendor, and therefore there is no POP. The best you can get is a "Family Day" when things are like .50 Euro cheaper, which was the case on the day we visited.


Not sure if I can find the vacation to go, but I'd love to go on the next trip, I'll even help set up what I can!


Besides, I need to actually get that 4th Liter finished!

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If I had known you were there on Tuesday, I would have loved to join you. I was at the Augustiner tent with my friends at the same time... Maybe we can join you next year.

3 weeks ago we did a little trip including Movie Park, Walibi Belgium, Bobbejaanland and Phantasialand. Black Mamba was awesome... the smoothest ride i have ever been on. The other parks were fun but not as well kept as Phantasialand or Europa Park.

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Wow! You had a freakin Beer / Oktoberfest / Make Fun Of Joe Trip! Dude I love it! Thanks for the two Pound It Photos! Wouldnt have minded more clevage showing beer chicks though! But I guess you with guys makes up for it!


Awesome TR. Looks like a really F&^ked up place! The Dark Rides I mean...

Hope you enjoyed yourself...go get your Liver Checked out!



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