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Crazy Magic Mountain Photo TR

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I went to Six Flags last year and took some pics. Forgot i had them but here they are for all to enjoy. Had some pretty wierd things happen that day. Read more to find out!



Waits were so small that it was unbelievable. Superman walk on for 4 times. Ninja said it would open later and it did. Riddler, boring. Phyclone, i think im the only one in the world who liked it. Deja Vu 1 hour wait by 5:00 I didnt ride. X longest wait of the day for 35 min. Then we rode Goliath and it was a walk on for two rides. Scream was everyones favorite. We rode scream 9 times. We walked to batman and 1 of my friends chickened out so i didnt ride. we had 10 minutes before 10:00 closing time, so re ran to Goliath for the the last ride of the night!


X's theming is so good. An i love how you wait for what fells like 1 hour to go back to the station





that pole was staring at me so i took a picture of it


weird story 3 they made ashley change seats after she was already locked in her restraint(X on the lift)


Xperiance the Xtreme suckage!

whats the fuss with X, ithought it was the worst in the park


The MCBR on RR and us coming down!


Ashley got to pull the ripcord, but since she didnt understand the directions, she didnt pull the cord until 30 seconds after thy said fly


Hey i forgot i was scared when they put me in between the two girls


Weired story 2, i went on dive devil with 2 friends, and the person explaining those instructions had a heavy accent and we couldnt understand


Woah, lets keep it P.G. on the kiddy coaster please!


a very underrated ride that can be lots of fun! wOW THAT CHICK DIDNT LIKE IT TOO MUCH


Goliath-the slowest lifthill on the world coaster. Wierd Stroy 1 of three. There was like three cell phones in the same place on the so called helix of death. Thats how six flags keeps open is by selling those lost phones!


Riddler, Fun, but 0% thrill factor. IMO that palm tree is even more thrilling than the ride!


the little one on the left made it to the top, but thats as far as the other one got


wait, i thought i was at six flags, not the California Coaster junckyard.


Wow, garbage bag sign coverings, wearing paint, missing light,I am at a real QUALITY park! (parking was cheap last summer)


A pretty good view of Goliath, and Flashback and that waterslide looking like they are going to fall apart.


X at the Entrance of the park

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