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Best Pro Wrestler

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^^LMAO Julie, Yes, yes he is taller then me...hahaha...I have watched wrestling for years and years and still do. I even watched the Pay Per View while on the UK trip. It was the ECW where Cena lost. I stayed up with all the employees at Alton Towers till like 4 in the morning, hey it was free:)

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i have also got to tna for time and space abyss with james mitche doomsday and shark boy and tna tags champs again aj stylez and the fallen angel christopher daniels well done to bouth of you and raven quote the raven never more tna and wwe rock

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Goldberg Goldberg




Shame he left WWE




"Sting" came very close

Holy bump Batman, but Goldberg is now back in WWE and he looks amazing for his age! Still a badass as well! I also feel that Sting was screwed in his all-too-short WWE run.

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I haven't watched wrestling in about 10 years, but I watched it religiously as a kid. The Rock was always my favorite. I sort of felt like we were being force fed Steve Austin as the star of the company and I was having none of it.

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I'm a little embarrassed to say that I still watch wrestling. But it's more of just a weekly show for me that I enjoy. When Raw came to town and Goldberg's entrance happened, it was one of the coolest things ever with the pyro.


And the company hasn't changed a bit since the 90s. They still try to cram certain wrestlers down people's throats. Now there's Roman Reigns, but unlike Steve Austin, this guy has very little skill on the mic and in the ring. But the fans aren't taking it anymore. They boo him so bad when he comes out that once in a while they have to edit it out.


Chris Jericho and Undertaker are two of my all time favorites. But I like many wrestlers, it's a tough choice.

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Oh lord, my interests are coming back to haunt me!

In terms of favorites, I have a lot of them. So, to make things easier on the eyes, I have put them into lists.

Favorite Male Wrestlers:

Neville(or PAC for all you wrestling marks)

Zack Ryder

Austin Aries

Bobby Roode

Shinsuke Nakamura

Broken Matt Hardy

Daniel Bryan

Michael Cammett

Mustafa Ali

Akira Tozawa

TJ Perkins

CM Punk

Sami Callihan

Favorite Female Wrestlers:


AJ Lee

Ember Moon

Dana Brooke


Favorite Tag Teams:

New Day

Hype Bros

Cesaro and Sheamus

Enzo & Cass


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