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Best Pro Wrestler


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do the hicks who watch wrestling actually think it is real?


(not calling you guys hicks, just the people who actually go to the events)


Yes, yes they do. But don't stereotype. Only like 97% of the people that go to the events are hicks.


^ Wow. I don't think that I have ever seen a picture of George The Animal Steele where he looks kind of ripped and not scary and saggy.

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I have a couple different ways of answering the question.


Hulk Hogan is, without question, the biggest star of all time, and Steve Austin was the biggest draw of all time.


I consider Shawn Michaels to be the greatest in-ring performer of all time, and one of greatest mic-workers ever, as well. However, his homo-erotic looks and mannerisms made it very difficult for casual fans (especially males) to fully get behind him, and, thus, his runs on top of the company completely bombed.


Overall, though, Mr. Perfect was my absolute favorite; he was great in the ring, on the mic, and was lucky enough to get handed an incredible gimmick.

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