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Lift Hill With A View

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I searched for a topic like this and couldnt find any others, but sorry if this has been done recently.



Anyways, what are some of your favorite views from a lift hill?..




I would have to say Millennium Force has an amazing view... with Lake Erie on the left and the entire park on the right..


I also think Magnum has an amazing view, over the waterpark and right up to the beach.


And the turn at the top of Mantis has a great view of the front of the park.


( ok I know I sound like a CP fanboy but i actually just really do like those views, and I havent been to many other parks.)



so ya, what are some of your favorites?.

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Sheikra, Montu, and Kraken. These three coasters come up a lot. Sheikra has a great view at the top (it feels like the entire structure is going to blow over, but thats because I'm still not used to heights, but I'm beginning to like them).

Kraken has an awesome view over the lake.

And Montu is cool because it seems so much higher than it is because you can see the cars.

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I'll throw in a vote for Desperado. I know it's not the tallest and the fact is there is little to look at from up there, however very few rides give the same sense of sheer height... And no matter how many times I've been on it, that tunnel at the bottom is always far smaller than the train.

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I believe sandusky bay is on the left as you crest milennium force, but I could be wrong. Lake Erie is on the other side of the park, the Wicked Twister/Magnum side.


And I agree on Hoosier Hurricane. Great view.


-James Dillaman



I didnt know there is a difference... isnt the bay part of Lake Erie?...

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I just love how on X's lift you see yourself going above Viper, which really freaks some people out.


I love the view from Whirlwind at Seabreeze. You get a great view of the park, waterpark, and Lake Ontario. It's especially awesome at sunset!

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