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Eagle's Flight! [RCT2]

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Took a nice long break after Sixflags Sunset Lake, and now I'm back with my next mini project. Hope this helps me get back on track.


Whole coaster.

Street leading to the coaster.

This is the Transfer Track and brake run.



Comments welcome.

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Eagle's Flight in action as requested.

Haven't made any changes as of late.



Up the lift hill and down the first drop.


Through the first overbank turn.


Invert to lay position then down the drop.


Back to invert position and into the Pretzal.


Through the corkscrew.


MCBR, then a turn above the water.


Through a barrel roll, then into a helix.


Thats all for today.

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This design, theming, architecture is absolutely amazing. You should turn this into a full-sized park once you finish Sunset Heights.


My biggest issue is the water feature. I think you should form it into a large mountain-like structure instead of having just waterfalls.


Overall, everything is incredible. I can't wait to see the finished product...

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