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California Bans Holding Cell Phones When Driving

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Good move. Hang up and drive folks.


In the wise words of Issa from Good Clean Fun,


"Driving is a responsibility. When you're holding and using a cell while driving, you're not only endangering yourself, but everyone else on the road. And that's not posi!"

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Connecticut has this ban too, but we call it more like Handheld Prohibition.


Here's an excerpt from an article I found on wtnh.com

The cell phone law carries a $100 fine. It also bans the use of other devices that can distract drivers, including I-PODS and Blackberries.


We even got a higher fine. We are allowed handsfree devices and they do make a big difference. I notice when I'm talking with a handfree device, my eyes stay straight on the road so it looks like I'm talking to myself.

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I don't know about everywhere else in the states, but I know back when I got my license there was a law that you aren't allowed to listen to headphones while driving because it will distract you from ambulances, etc. Wouldn't handsfree earbuds be exactly the same thing? I know my super cell phone has an mp3 player built in, and therefore the earbuds it comes with is stereo. Best of all, BOTH of them have to be in your ears, as the left one has the mic, but the right one has all the sound while on a call. Luckily I have speakerphone to fall back on.


Though like Tom, my theory is just don't talk on the phone while driving, unless its an emergency. Which is why if people call me while I'm driving, I either ignore it, or answer the phone "WHAT THE F*** DO YOU WANT!?" That usually deters people from calling me EVER!

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^Derek, your super phone could probably cause a national security alert with all the stuff it can do! Unless it plugs into the stereo, you wouldn't listen to your MP3 player while driving, that just screams out a lack of common sense. My cellphone has a headphone system like yours as well, but because we only hear voice on ours, that doesn't really cause any substantial distraction from driving.


Earphones with music coming out disable part of the necessary sensory perception required to drive a vehicle. I can't believe there are acutally people who would listen to their walkmans and iPods while driving. But there are, and I can believe that some of those people do live in the USA.


It's not like one can't plug them into a car stereo system. Common sense people, common sense!

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There is so much humor in these laws to me. Weak fines, what I'm sure will be hit-or-miss enforcement, and the irony that the handsfree devices are a pain in the butt to mess with all make this really stupid IMO.


- Joe, who believes bad drivers will get in accidents whether or not they are on the phone...

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