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Hi everybody ! I just want to recommend you a visit to Port Aventura during Halloween, well is a long Halloween because starts in September 15th and it ends around November....


The park looks completly different with all the decorations they put everywhere, pumpkins, spiders, skeletors, ghosts, fill every single spot of this great park. Also they have special shows going on everywhere, "The Devil says yes" in Mexico is just great; also the one in the Saloon sort of Tarantino´s vampire movie...


They have special rides for Halloween like the Psycho Circus, that is sort of a maze inside a big tent with lots of special effects and where actors scare you. Also if you want to ride "El Diablo mine train" you have to go through a maze full of blood and screams where actors also scare you out...its an add on that makes this ride even better...


Also part of Port Aventura Hotel changes to be Burn hotel, rooms are themed for halloween and actors scare you until 2 am.....not a good place to stay if you want some sleep.


You will also have the oportunity to see the works that they are doing for the new roller coaster for 2007. I hope it looks a bit like Maverick but according to the rumors I have heard is going to be crap....well not exactly, the trains are a new design where you are hanging on the sides, but it lasts only 35 seconds....There are some videos on youtube but nobody knows where they come from.






Big spider at the entrance...

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Hello, this is my first message in this forums.


I'm spanish and my english is very bad Sorry.


PortAventura's halloween is one of the best ones of the world.


That photo is single of the entrance.


In the rest of the park the scenery is much more impressive. It would even dare to me to say that as impressive as the one of CP for example.


I leave you is Web that the park has spread to create intrigues although you are not going it to understand because she is in Spanish.




I will try traeros photos when Halloween finishes so that you see as it is really halloween of PortAventura.


A greeting, Jim



PD: Sorry by my terrible english xD

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I was yesterday in Port Aventura and it was awesome!

all the scenary was terrifying and the horror atractions were awesome too!!


I go every year in the halloween season 'cos it rocks! Yesterday were a lot of people and then we have to wait a lot of time in each atraction but we had really fun!!!


And yesterday I've notced about A NEW ROAD COASTER IN PORT AVENTURA!!!! Its name is ACCELERATOR and it goes from 0 to 135km/h in only 3,5 seconds, they say that it will be the first road coaster of these type in the world...next year we will see.


See you ^^

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it's definately NOT the first coaster of it's kind in the world



PortAventura loves to adorn its new rides...

Last Year they made a 86 Metres Intamin Free Fall, and they said "The only in the world".

I went to the Halloween last week, I'll make a Photo TR for you

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