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Best Dark Roller Coaster?

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Can only think of three that I've been on, but Scooby Doo's Spooky Coaster at Movie World stands out ahead of Revenge of the Mummy (Hollywood) and Space Mountain (Disneyland). Great extended dark ride portion, vertical lift, you go backwards on one spot and despite the fact that the coaster-y bit is mostly wild mouse it all goes together very well.

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Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster at Warner Bros. Movie World or Space Mountain at Hong Kong Disneyland... I can't really decide between the two... but I'd give the slight edge to Space Mountain just because of the current condition of Scooby. It needs a bit of a rehab to bring it back up to scratch.

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Since I'm torn when I choose favorites, I divide things into categories.


Disney coasters, I'd say WDW space mountain


Six Flags is easily SFOT Runaway Mountian since its the only exciting coaster sf has in a box


For Paramount (since cf doesnt get credit from me for anything installed before 07) The fof coasters I have a hard time with because after joker and poltergeist they are a sad fail of their potential, however they would be phenominal and the best overall if they ran correctly.


Cedar Fair doesn't have squat in this department


Small parks Exterminater takes the cake easy.



FoF's MCBR does slow the ride quite a bit, but the ride bangs your head back and forth on the headrest WITH the MCBR. Also, I believe that FoF used to have music in the ride building (IDK if either one still does).


I've been on very few indoor coasters. The ones I have been on are-


Disaster Transport (RIP)

Runaway Mountain

Both FoFs


I believe this is the extent of indoor coasters I've been on. I don't remember much about Runaway Mountain, and I can't really pick favorites considering I'm biased towards DT, seeing as it was in my home park. Still, FoF is obviously the more thrilling ride.

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1. Mummy USF (I can't wait to see how the Singapore version compares next summer!)

2. Verbolten (gotta love that drop!)

3. FOF (Premier > Vekoma)

4. Rock n Roller Coaster (Music and scenery helped bump this up a few spots on the list... the ride itself isn't great)

5. Dark Knight (SFGAdv) (best wild mouse I've been on)

6. Space Mountain WDW (I was little when I rode it, so I don't remember it very well.)

7. Disaster Transport (it would've been higher on the list if the ride hadn't been 110 degrees inside, and if the lift had been faster; I was boiling)

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Disneyland Paris' Rock N' Roller Coaster. It really shows how a complete change of themeing style can bring a ride from "good" to "OMG AMAZING!" Seriously, ride the one in Orlando, then ride the one in Paris. They're the same ride, but Paris' is sooooooo much better.

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^I'll say that ride was a big surprise for me, and definitely worth riding if the wait is 10-15 minutes, and Space Mountain and RnRC are 3rd and 2nd, respectfully...but really I'd have to with ROTM as my favorite dark roller coaster. It was probably my 'most pleasant surprise' on any coaster and, despite the removal of King Kong, was (IMO) a big step forward for the development of Universal Studios Orlando with the park's first major coaster.

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I gotta go with Space Mountain at Disneyland as number one. It's just so good since the remodel in 2005.


Here's my list of the one's I've ridden in order.


1. Space Mountain - DL

2. Revenge of the Mummy - USF

3. Revenge of the Mummy - USH

4. Rock 'n' Roller Coaster - DHS

5. Flight of Fear - KI

6. Flight of Fear - KD

7. Space Mountain (Alpha) - MK

8. Disaster Transport - CP

9. Space Mountain (Omega) - MK

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Disneyland Paris' Rock N' Roller Coaster. It really shows how a complete change of themeing style can bring a ride from "good" to "OMG AMAZING!" Seriously, ride the one in Orlando, then ride the one in Paris. They're the same ride, but Paris' is sooooooo much better.

Really? I thought the Paris version looked cheap compared to the Florida version. The inside is just a bunch of lighting rigs and fog.



As for my favorites, I think there are two that clearly stand out to me above all else.


1. Space Fantasy- it has EVERYTHING. It is long, it has coaster elements, it has dark ride portions, amazing queue, etc etc.

2. Orlando's ROTM


After that, I would have to give honorable mentions to the Space Mountains

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No surprise I'm going to say Scooby Doo. But I absolutely love Disneyland's Space Mountain compared to WDW's Space Mountain. DL's has the really cool music and interesting lift, and does ride a bit different than FL's version. Which is great, I rode it after it opened back up earlier this year. I just liked the more tech-savy DL version. Props to Rock'n Rollercoaster for being smooth still!


And apparently KI's Flight of Fear doesn't have a MCBR that pulls you to a complete stop anymore, but I wasn't able to ride it. Still a fun ride but doesn't have the magic or comfortablility that SpaceMoutain has.


Does 1/2 of Mystery Mine count? <3

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I always thought Flight of Fear was a tad underrated. That thing has a powerful launch, pretty decent layout with some wicked transitions and the lap bar only trains make the whole ride fairly smooth. I know it doesn't have any extensive themeing inside the ride building and the ques is pretty cheesey and dated but for what it is, it's really pretty good.


I remember when that thing first opened in 96 it was one of the first launched coaster in that region (maybe one of the first LIM launches anywhere) and there was a really cool mystique to the ride because no on had seen a coaster like that before. At the time that was one of the more extensively themed rides anywhere outside of Disney ( and it is still a level of quality that you don't see very often at Cedar Fair/Six Flags) and I remember how cool it was to finally get through the hanger and inside UFO to see that train just rip out of the station down the launch tunnel, it was all pretty cool to my 12 year old self.


So partly because of nostalgia and partly because I really think it's pretty decent coaster I'm gonna say Flight of Fear is the best dark coaster.

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1) Revenge of the Mummy (Orlando): This ride has everything I could ask for from a great indoor coaster: superb theming, awesome animatronics and effects, FIRE, total darkness, forceful launch, speed, and airtime. GREAT ride.


2) Rockin' Roller Coaster (DHS): My second favorite. The theming isn't quite as interesting as the Mummy and there are no stand-out effects, but the launch is amazing. The inversions are also really cool, especially with the street signs along your path to enhance the "Don't-know-which-way-is-up" feeling.


3)Space Mountain (MK): This ride has great airtime, more unpredictability, and speed. The theming in the queue is really awesome as well.


4) Revenge of Mummy (USH): Yeah, not even nearly as good as the Orlando version, but I love the couple of pops of airtime and the longer backwards portion. The dark ride portion is somewhat descent, but yeah, Orlando has the MUCH better version.


5) Runaway Mountain (SFOT): The theming is a bit minimal, I love the darkness, big drop, and high unpredictability of this ride.


6) Space Mountain (Disneyland): I hesitate to put this at the bottom of my list since the theming and lighting effects are REALLY good, but the ride itself is just...okay. It's got a solid amount of speed, but that's it. The whole course is really predictable. At WDW's, you could really feel the speed and the forces, but here, it's just "eh." It's right turn after right turn and that's basically it.


Now gone, but worth mentioning: Disaster Transport (Ceder Point): If this were still around, this would be at the bottom of my list of the indoor coasters I've been on. It wasn't a great indoor coaster, but I loved it for how unique it was. The ride felt like a runaway escape through a defunct factory and that added a lot of "cool" factor to me. It was an old ride, but I'll miss it. (Curse you GateKeeper!)

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