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Favorite first drop on a Steel Coaster

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It has to go to Nitro because it gives an equal feeling in every row and you get more of the "ITS GOING TO CURVE UNDER" feeling then that of on a dive machine such as SheiKra. Besides im am by far not the only one to say this other coaster designs commend B&M for what might be the perfect first drop.

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1-Millennium Force back row-nothing else like it (at least on what I've been on.)

2-Top Thrill Dragster front row-nuf' said!

3-Kraken back row-don't really know why. I just really like Kraken's first drop.


I also like the first drop on Apollo's Chariot, although it's been a while since I went on it...

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hello, new here and looks like a fun topic......(dont get me confused with my bro Millennium ForceJZ)


1. Millennium Force - well duh this is just freaking amazing

2. Dragster - mmmm420ft drop

3. BORG Assimalator - you flip and feel like your going to fall out!!!

4. Vortex at PKI - man awesome airtime

5. Mantis - stand up airtime is fun

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For me, it would have to be Kingda Ka. When I rode it at night (only time I rode it), it was disorienting as there were no clues as to how how long the drop would last. I just kept falling, and falling, spiral, and falling, and falling, and falling. It was a lot of fun, and one of the few coaster moments where I was thinking "What the hell am I doing?". (El Toro was another moment)

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Maverick's is great.

Millennium Force's is my favorite.


Son Of Beast's can be pretty good....you've gotta have the car jackhammer at the perfect spot, you get ejected out of the seat due to the jackhammering, and going down the first hill. That's awesome.


I really liked California Screamin's first hill. Either front or back, being launched up and over the hill....your butt is being kicked out of the seat on the drop.

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