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Hello to all. I have copied in NoLimits Vekoma's new prototype, "Ten Loop Coaster". For those that they do not know which is this prototype, in Vekoma's web (www.vekoma.com) several images of the coaster go out. Of all forms, this one is the image that us comes in the web:



And here, my coaster:







I hope that you like. Comment on it please

Vekoma -Ten Loop Coaster-.nltrack

Vekoma -Ten Loop Coaster-

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Mad Props to GURZU for trying to pull this off. It was by far from perfect but better than what I could do. But to tell you the truth to everyone who likes this thing all it really is, is the same old elements repeated and doing the same things over and over again. Extremely boring and doesnt look too exciting.

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Upon looking closely at the layout... WTF is up with that weird curve after the launch? I know it was Vekoma and not the recreation. I remember seeing a picture of it at IAAPA and thinking the same thing. That's a weird element...


I think that is an over-banked curve, just like on Goliath. It's like an inversion, but it isn't. Er, I think there's one on Goliath. But yeah, that's an over-banked curve.

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The whole thing looks great except for the first thing the train goes into. What is that, I think you could have replaced it with something better.


This is a RE-CREATION. Read my virtual lips. R.E-C.R.E.A.T.I.O.N


If he replaced it, it wouldn't be a recreation, would it?

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