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The Official "Southport is Closing" Thread

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The only thing I really enjoyed in the park was King Solomon's Mine, I was quite underwhelmed by Cyclone but I can understand why people who groe up with it would be upset.


Chris - for the record I loved Blue Streak when I rode it last year. The only coaster I ever had to pull my hands down on to the bar

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I am glad people want to save this coaster, if I lived near by I would join in and protest, this coaster needs to be saved, put it on ebay to sell to a different park.


Woodie coasters are so rare in the UK, we need to save/keep as many as possible. The newest decent one must be "Megafonbia" built in 1996.


Thorpe Park is crying out for a Woodie or maybe Paulton's Park can buy it.


Any Classic coaster built (no matter where it lives) over 60 years ago is worth saving for the younger generation to enjoy.


What would happen to BPB if the "Big Dipper", "Rollercoaster" or "Nash" was closed and got pulled down..?

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Well, A Fellow UKtripper Gives His Input. I do Agree With Robb, Yeah, It wasnt one of the BEST Classic Woodies. But None The Less, it IS still a Classic Woodie. Its VERY Sad to See it go. I doubt the support for saving it will be noticed...


Though I was fortunant enough to ride the coaster before it closed its doors..and ALL of Southport for that Matter. It was a smooth ride, a slower woodie ride...but non the less, a good one. Beside the messed up lift hill! Im thinking of sending a box and having them send me a piece of Cyclone...



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Ryan, I have decided your idea isn't that crazy. In fact, I'm going to help you out.


Here's what you write.....


Dear Southport,


Earlier this year I visited England for the very first time. It was an amazing cultural experience for me and I was grateful to see what life was like living in the UK. It is truly a wonderful country.


The reason why I am writing this letter is because I have recently found out that Southport's Pleasureland Amusement Park will be closing, and the wooden roller coaster, "Cyclone" which is considered a British historical icon for that part of the country may be torn down.


We spent a day in the sea side town of Southport and really enjoyed the area, the people, and the park. It was reminiscent of the glory days of New York City's Coney Island, an atmosphere that no longer exists in America.


Included with this letter is an empty box. While I would prefer to see the Cyclone be saved and re-opened to the public, if the unfortunate worst case scenario does happen and the coaster is demolished, it would mean a lot to me to have a piece of Southport's history here in America as a memorial of the coaster and of my trip.


If it would be possible, please place a small turtle in this box. I can guarantee you I will give the turtle a very fulfilling life in a loving caring home. I will need you to send the turtle via express airmail as most small turtles would not survive more than two days without food or water. Every day I spend time with this turtle, feed this turtle, and take this turtle out for a walk using a specially made "turtle harness" it will remind me of Southport and all the wonderful people of England.


If a turtle is not available, perhaps a block of wood from the demolished Cyclone would be nice too. But I would prefer the Turtle.


Oh, and tell the people who closed down Southport.... "You're not allowed to pound it fudgers!!!!"


The "Ryan King."

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No listed building status for "The Cyclone"


Typical of English Heritage, they don't find coasters important enough.


Link to BBC news:




Why did it run slow over the hills..?



The race is on to save "Southport's Wild Mouse", we can't let this go as there are only 3 examples left. 2 working.


If AT decides to scrap "Wild Mouse" at BPB, i'll make the 4 hour drive and chain myself to it, it is one of my fav coasters.

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Link to interview at Southport:




Click on the words below the picture to see an interview with someone who is trying to save the coaster.




Air campaign Video



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Maybe it's just me, but that turtle reminds me of Jeff Johnson!


A few years back Southport did an auction of old memorabilia from theme park related stuff, they could make a few dollars getting rid of anything they can make money off. But the stuff will probably end up on eBay like the Log Flume boats.

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Anyone know where this one is going? Is it still standing? Maybe we could buy it for TPR


Robb! This why i asked you if Southport had some sort of relation with turtles! That was in front of the little Pizza Buffet place that we ate it...near TRAMATIZER or whatever that crappy Vekoma was. So dude! I BETTER Get my turtle!



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