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Time for some Pre-Oktoberfest 2006 - Munich Photos


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So after my last years short TR (you can find it in the trip archive http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=19244&highlight=oktoberfest) I`ll know that some of you (esp. Derek and friends) are looking forward to this years Oktoberfest.


Today I did a short walk over the grounds (to pick up all my beer and meal vouchers for the upcoming days) and made some photos to give you a small piece of construction atmosphere.

Most of the rides are ready, most of the tents are finished and only smaller things have to be fixed.

Only one of the new attractions for 2006, the biggest transportable water raft wild`n wet (what a great name ) has to hurry up because in exactly 59 hours it`s time for the biggest fair in the world.

The other new additions are the two Walk-Through houses Hoffreuhaus and Futureworld.


This years Oktoberfest is going to be the longest with exactly 18 days (normal 16 days) - so this year`s Oktoberfest is maybe going to break some records, depending on good weather conditions.


For the first days I`ll visit saturday, monday and tuesday so I`ll post some more photos after these days.


See Ya at Oktoberfest 2006




a shot from the back side of the fair


last testing for this high-rising attraction


the mouse is also waiting



the new Futureworld


it`s the biggest water raft worldwide


the new wild`n wet isn`t (59 hours pre opening!)


this ride is ready!



the drop tower has to add some seats


Olympia Looping is ready for some action


todays streets are packed with trucks - on saturday over 500.000 first day visitors will crowd the same streets...


the new walk-through "Hoffreuhaus"

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Curse you, Americans, curse you and your collective stupidity that makes it so that we can't have fairs like Oktoberfest here!


Oooo, Futureworld. Sounds like something from that Westworld movie.


Oktoberfest Cincinnati starts soon last year they had a dragon coaster.

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... I`ll know that some of you (esp. Derek and friends) are looking forward to this years Oktoberfest..


See Ya at Oktoberfest 2006



I will see you at Oktoberfest 2006! Thanks for the pictures (and for reserving our spot).


Janna (one of Derek's friends)

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Great pictures, thanks for sharing them with us! I love watching fairs being set up, although fairs in Norway are VERY small (Waltzer, small ferris wheel, Gravitron and maybe a KMG ride if were lucky)


Just because its in Europe doesnt mean that its always amazing!

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