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Thompson Valley Gardens

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Thompson Valley Gardens is proud to present Medivial Square. A section devoted to the olden days in the medivial time period.Here are some pics of the area:

The main entrance of adventure acres.

Here is the front entrance to Medivial Square.

The station for the massive woody called Excaliber(so original)

The huge first drop.

The first airtime hill.

The second and third airtime hills and the turnaround.

A couple airtime hills and the turning MCBR.

And more hills.

A twisting ending i made up.

The transfer/maintence track station.

The square kinda small but its actually pretty big.

The other side.

The station/open air market for the second coaster in the area.

The two s&s space shots called dungeon drops.

The third flat ride in the area called catapult.

And to finish a park overview. check back for an update on the park. Comments welcome. thanks for viewing.

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^ Well i am planning on maybe doing two more areas to fill the left over land so once those fill that area i will put up a download. also it wont be going up till i figure out how to post downloads up because i couldnt figure it out in my last park. so if anyone can help me on that it would be greatly appreciated.

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Whats up with that ugly aitime hill????


Just make it round like the next hill. i know its for speed and all but blocky hills actually decreses your rides fun rating!

I agree, whats up with that?


I fixed that in my last update. it is now three round hills instead of two round hills and one funky looking one. Also thanks for the comments and as said before if anyone can help on how to post a download of a park on here would be greatly appreciated.

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Sorry for the double post but here is a sneak peak of whats next for the park:

Can you guess what it is? HINT: It's a new concept on a new coaster and it is not a B&M Stand-up. Thanks for viewing. comments welcome. check back for and update on this park.

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I liked it a lot!How did you get those lockers???????


Great teaser! Looks like it will be a great ride. One question-Where did you get the custom supports for the coasters??



I dont remember where i got those lockers but i think i got them from http://www.rollercoasterpro.com/games/spotlight/premier/index3.php that should give you the lockers if it doesnt then i dont remember where i got them and it all should give you the toon supports too and as fore mentioned if it doesnt then i dont remember where i got them. a update should be coming soon.

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Sorry for the double post: Thompson Valley Gardens Amusement Park has released some pics of what to come it is a medaterrain(sp?) theme. the area will consist of two-three flat rides, a stand-up x-car coaster, and a sea lion show. But the park has ran into a problem it wont let me open it and every time i go to load it it says invalid data. can anyone help me? if no one can help i might start my water park and finish it before i get my new computer and probably have to load everything back up. Anyways here is the pictures of what i got before the park started not to open:

Overview of the stand-up, x-car coaster. trees and stuff had not been added yet and that was what was next.

The sea lion show. the tug boat was removed later and replaced with a pirate ship and a screen was placed behind that and the front entrance was 75% finished.

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