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Thompson Valley Gardens

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^ The reason why the rating was low was because i found out that a path was missing from Hauntober Fest section keeping everyone in there and that droped the rating. As soon as I put the path in the rating rose quickly. Also i fixed the ride problem by putting more mechanics in and put everyones speed on fast so now they get to the job faster. Anyways there has been a new area rumored and saw being made in the park. The area is rumored to be a adventure theme and have two roller coasters in it. Here is the only pictured that the park has released to the public:

It looks like a floorless coaster is in this new section(trains are not that color). Well check back for an update on the park. Comments welcome. Also can someone tell the people on rcpro that im having difficulties with accessing the site so i wont be updating for awhile on my Thompson Valley Gardens thread. That would be great and if someone does can you tell me that they told the people.Thanks

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I like it. The only thing is that the chain should extend one more track segment and I really don't mind the train color, it looks nice. About Rcpro, It has been down and it is really annoying. If you are questioning who I am I am Very Cheesy 678 over at Rcpro.

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Thompson Valley Gardens Amusement Park is proud to present Adventure Acres. The land has two rollercoasters, screamin swing, swings, splash boat ride, huss frisbee, and restaurants and stores. Here are some screens of that:

The entrance to the area.

The station for Big Foot Attack!

The lift hill.

First drop.

The loop and Illimen(sp)?

The airtime hill, cobra roll, and MCBR.

The interlocking corkscrews.

The a hill into a banked curve into a brake run.

The screamin swing.

The areas store called Castle Gifts and info booth.

The splash boat ride called Splash Water Falls.

The Huss Frisbee

Here is Cheetah Chase.

Here is the Exotic Grill and swings.

What could this be? Thanks for viewing. Comments welcome. Check back for an update on whats next for the park.

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The swings look a bit cramped. I think of Swings as a traditional ride that should be really open along or on the midway. Your's seem to be cramped between a building and other rides and trees.


Floorless coaster looks really nice. Somewhat of a generic layout but good none the less.


Looking really good, keep it up.

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Thompson Valley Gardens is proud to present Need For Speed: Rally-X. A intense, thrilling, exciting ride with two launch zones and many intense curves. It also includes a unique ride experince with a barrel that is cause because of railroad tracks placed acroos the track. The story behind the ride is Mike Kole, a famous rally driver who races illegaly. He once got enough money from racing and created his own track to hold races on. He also made the place secret so the police wouldnt find out. So he found a abandoned car warehouse off of a ghost road that no knows about. After finding it he transfered it over into a hip rally racing spot with stands at the finish line, gifts, food, training track, and a betting station. He has finally released his rally racing to Thompson Valley Gardens and here are some pictures:

The station.

The beginning 60 mph launch into the tunnel.

Some turns after the tunnel.

After that you pass the bridge over the waterfall and down some steep hills.

Then you hit the train tracks that make you flip over and into a barrel roll and then into some more turns.

After that you hit the second 60 mph launch.

Then you hit the splash down to get a really wet ride. then go over the bridge.

After the bridge you hit a couple of high speed turns.

Then you go under the bridge and then get back on the ghost road.

After you go on the road you break off again to hit the finish line and then go up/in a turnaround hill into the brake run that brings you into the station.

The other side of the station, stands for people to sit, and if you look closely you can see the betting stand near the rides exit.

Now to the front of the section is the entrance and one of two flat rides.

Here is Mikes Midway with a food bar, info stall, gift store, and a place where you can eat at a picnic table.

Here is Mikes Training Facility where youngsters can train to become a great rally racer.

Heres an overview of the section.

Lastly here is an overview of the park and you can see what area is left to cover. Comments welcome. Check back soon for an update on whats next and on the next update the monrail station will be complete cause i had no time this update to fix it. Thanks. Come back soon and please comment on what i have.

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^Is that a good thing and im not suppose to say anything but the park will actually be bigger because there will be a another park plan that will be on a different design and smaller and dedicated to being a water park but you didnt hear anything from me.

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