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Thompson Valley Gardens

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Some work has been done around the hotels outside activity center. First the outdoor pool is done along with the adult only pool. also the volleyball courts are done and the beach area is done. And finally the advanced dirtbike quad trail is done. Whats left to do is the tennis and basketball courts and the beginner dirtbike and quad trail. Here are some pictures. (Note: As soon as im done with the tennis basketball courts and trail i will begin with the park meaning the rides and the first zone i will do is Main Street)

Over view of the family pool. in the corner there is a water volleyball court.

Close up of the snack bar for the pool.

Here is the adult pool with a bar in the middle and a waterfall in the corner.

Here is the advanced dirtbike/quad trail which costs $5 and you must have gotten a license from the beginner trail which you have to pass a test to get it which only costs $5 too.

This is the hotels own private beach with imported sand and palm trees. it alos has a juice bar only for the beach.

Volleyball Courts with two sizes courts to choose from. the outside area still is getting worked on and will be finished for the next update. (Also i do know that the sign is missing an L from ball but it is the only way it fits). Anyways thanks for viewing my pictures. Comments welcome. Update coming soon.

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Thanks^. After some remarks about the pool and thoughts of mine own i redid the pool today and finished it but the rest of the outside activity area is still getting worked on. Here is a picture of the redid pool:

The redid pool. Thanks for viewing. Comments welcome. Bigger update will be coming soon.

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Sorry for the double post but i finished the activity/pool area. What's in the pool area is 3 pools(one indoor), a beach, volleyball courts, tennis courts, basketball courts, bachi(ball game) court, two quad/dirtbike courses(one easy, one hard), and its own private entrance to the theme park. Also sorry for no rides this update but i PROMISE that there will be rides by next update. Here are some pictures of the activity/pool area.

The three tennis courts which you have to enter through the indoor pool.

The Renegade Basketball Courts.

The back side of the basketball courts.

Here is speed zone the beginner/easy quad dirtbike courses and where advanced people get their licenses.

The easy dirtbike/quad track with wider banked turns.

The bachi?(ball game courts)

And to finish and overview of the activity/pool area. Thanks for viewing. Comments welcome. Check back for and update that i promise will have rides.

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Thompson Valley Gardens Theme Park has officially opened. The park right now has 6 rides and plenty of food/shop stalls. Here are some pictures of the opening:

The parks wooden rollercoaster called Cyclone its kinda short but its suppose to be a classic woody.

The first drop with a head chopper at the bottom.

The turnaround after the first drop.

The first hill.

The second turnaround.

The third turnaround and part of the second hill.

And a small strip of hills into a brake run.

The midway games and snack stalls.(Its kinda of big and unattractive but i had to fill the spot with something if you have a suggestion for what should go there tell me cause i need something to replace it)

One side of the midway shops/restaurants.

The other side of the midway shops/restaurants.

The only other rollercoaster in the park so far. (still needs custom supports on it which i am in the process of doing)

The two story carousel, twister(gray and red one), and flash(white and yellow).

Another view.

The roto drop called Oblivion.

And to finish a park overview. Comments welcome. Check back for an update on whats next for the park. (HINT: The next thing for the park has something to do with a holiday coming up!)

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Thompson Valley Gardens presents Hauntober Fest:

Hauntober Fest consists of three haunted house walk throughs, one haunted ride, two creepy shows, and much more. Stay tuned for the opening of Hauntober Fest.

Comments welcome and the area is still not done. Thanks.

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^ I did get from Disney because i liked that name but i added fest toit to make it my own and that sounded better then anything elses i thought. Any who i finally made some changes to the park and finished the Hauntober Fest area. Here sre some pics of those happenings:

This ampitheatre replaced the huge midway games. Here is where we hold concerts, special outings, and where people can eat their lucnhs which we allow in the park.

New buildings surround the ampitheatre.

The oppisite side of the way with new buildings and the new smaller midway games.

They also got a new impulse coaster.

A closer look at the support work. Now over to Hauntober Fest.

Pictured here you can see the family show called costume party and you can see Dr. Crepy's Hauted Warehouse ride.

Pictured here you can see the two haunted walk throughs(one is the haunted house, the other is the haunted church) also you can slightly see the Dead Men Live stage area.

Here is the Chainsaw Massacre a haunted ride through the woods which was orginally a walk through but the park decided to have a hay ride type of ride put in.

And to finish the newly supported coaster. The loop supports look funny but it was the best i could do in the small space i had. Thanks for viewing. Comments welcome. Update on whats next for the park coming soon.

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