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Thompson Valley Gardens

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From the people who brought you and own Ashbrook Waters is proud to present there next park in there collection of parks called Thompson Valley Gardens. I park that will have some total different rides and scenery theen its sister park called Ashbrook Waters. Here is a teaser pic of the entrance to the park more pic of the entrance will be coming at a later time:

The buildings in the background will be changed cause i dont like them anymore and the entrance still is finished so remember that. Also i will be doing my first ever park with custom supports so bare with me on some of the coaster and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks comments welcome.

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Doitdumont1128 - I think the signs fine but if anyone else doesnt like the sign i will change so everybody share your thoughts on the park logo so i know if i have to change it or not.

On to the good part, i've been able to work on the entrance and fixed it. Also i started on the hotel and gardens strip(mall) and i am working on the front part of the park right now. Here are some pictures of what i have done so far:

The partly redone entrance.

Another view.

The lockers at the entrance, im still building to the building so there not done yet.

Another view of the entrance to the park.

The start of the hotel.Still 7/8 to go.

And overview of whats been done to the hotel area. Check back for an update on the hotel and entrance and Garden Strip. Comments welcome. Thanks

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Here is a quick preview of the outline of the hotel and and how big it is. Right now it probably is 2/3's done and progress is moving fast. And update could possibly be up this weekend of the finished hotel but im not garunteeing. Anyways here is an overview:

Thanks comments welcome.

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^^I do have ideas for some rides but im not giving anything out yet. Thanks for the comments. Sorry for the lack of updates but ive been busy with school. Anyways ive got a little bit more construction on the hotel and alot more details to put on. But im stuck ina dilemma right between if a should put the balconys as decorations or put doors to make them look like the balconys could be used. Here is a screenshot of what the two look like:

The doors are on the far right and left and the decoration balconys is in the middle. Which one should i do? Please respond.

And to finish you can see what i did to the hotel and i expanded the land cause the hotel took up so much room. Thanks comments welcome.

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Not to sound rude, but you should stop posting the name of the park everywere, we understood what the name of the park was the first times we saw it.


Uhmm, if you're talking about whats below his posts, thats his signature.

No thats not what Im talking about, Im talking about the name in the park! Damn its not my day for TPR no one will leave me alone

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^I dont know what you mean cause the sign is only put up in the park twice so i dont know how i am puting it up too much. About the hotel its really big cause theres is only going to be one hotel in the park so i wanted it big and i actually didnt plan it to look that big but it looked really good and it took me a long time so i didnt want to make it smaller. but it will look cool when its done otherthen how big it is but hopeful the rest of the park will make it look small and im hoping to get a update soon. Check and comments welcome.

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I finally am almost done with the hotel. All thats left is the pool area. There is one pool done and that is the indoor pool with a "hot tub" in it. As soon as i am done with the pool area i will start on the park meaning the main entrance and its rides. Because i am doing that the Garden Strip/mall will be held back and finished at a later time. I also forgot to mention that the hotel is also really big because the very top floor(not pictured in any of the pictures) and the roof is used for security of the park and holds all the meetings and offices up there and maintence and staff holdings will be in another building which will be released when the outside pool area is done. Here are some pics of the "finished hotel":

The entrance to the hotel with a small pond on the side.(If you look closely you might be able to see a doorman in the front waving)

The pond on the other side.

The indoor pool and hot tub. Im still working on it and the area around so thats not done.

This is area is where the hotels outside pool area will be. The pool area will consist of two pools, volleyball court, tennis court, and more.

Overview of the hotel.

Thanks for checking in. Comments welcome. Check back for an update on the pool area, maintence shck, and possible the main street.

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