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[NL] Prepare for a salto mortale!

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When I am building coasters in NoLimits I love to do the funfair or compact ones. I am busy building Eurostar (german funfairs) and the rock n rollercoaster but in the meantime I want to show you one of my older creations, salto mortale. A funfair looping coaster with a nice twist, you can find the nice twist mostly in the fact that all the trackwork fits in a space of 55 x 30 meters (a little bit larger then the spinning racer).




I started with plotting a layout before putting on some supports. I already had some ideas for this coaster but it wasn't finished. A lot of people were suprised to see a funfair coaster with loopings in it when I started the project. They were even more suprised when they heard the track was about 760 meters (2500 feet), a thing that is quite impossible on a small space like this.




After that the finetuning and supporting came. I think it isn't quite an suprise when I tell you all of the supports are custom build and that it is possible to make such a ride for a funfair (clearance, construction, . . .) Underneath these pics you will find the download of the rollercoaster, I am quite proud of it, I am courious what you think of it . . .


Click to enlarge . . .









The download is here

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This coaster was brilliantly made, and you should be proud of it. However, a few things I noticed were some slight jerks and pumps throughout that track, and as you said, there were some definite clearance issues. Im not so sure a person would come back alive from this ride (decapitation?). But other than that, this ride was awesome, especially for a funfair ride.

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It is not very usefull to put you're arms outside of the car at some points, but normally it is possible. At every point the persons will survive the ride, only when you stick out you're arms at soms points you can loose some limbs . . . that's the hard part. I know a lot of funfair coasters where the reality is the same though . . .

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