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HW's Will Koch to appear on "The Colbert Report"

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No...I'd triple checked with the producer before sending out the news release and it was definitely slated to air tonight. There was an interview with Sarah Vowell that tied in with Will's bit ... that was shot in-studio immediately after the satellite interview with Will; it didn't run either.


I hope to find out what's up in the morning and will post an update.





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There's a possibility that the segment was going to be for a "Colbert Report Special Report" episode, which they do from time to time. These episodes usually focus on one topic, thus being current with the daily news doesn't need to happen. Theoretically, it could air any time.


Seeing as Sarah Vowell was supposed to be the in studio guest, and she wrote a book about the Lincoln Assassination, I'm thinking it's going to be a CRSR all about Lincoln. Hopefully they'll air it tomorrow night.

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I was watching last nights re-run today and was dissappointed when the Jepordy guy showed up. I guess going onto the holiblog before hand would have kept me from being disappointed, but w/e. I'll wait for it to actually happen.

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The latest (as of a few hours ago) ... a Colbert staffer is coming to the park tomorrow with a video crew.


Between their time at the park, the town, plus over at Lincoln City, they should have enough for a miniseries!


I do have the impression they want this to air very quickly.



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This is from screamscape...

You were were watching the Colbert Report all week looking for a peek at Holiday World’s boss Will Koch, it never aired it seems. According to the HoliBlog there were some technical difficulties along with other show segements going long, so the Holiday World bit was to be bumped to a later episode. However it now seems that the Colbert Report isn’t going to be satisfied with a simple interview by satellite and instead now wants to come down to the park in person with their crew. I guess they needed to come see Santa Claus for themselves over the weekend. More on this and when it will air as we find out.

I really can not wait for this episode...It is going to be one of his best segments...

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I really didn't find it all that funny.


And it's not because they didn't show the park. I've been there twice so it's not like I need to see the park.


I just really found it rather flat on the writing side of things. Colbert though has always been kind of hit-or-miss with me.


I tend to prefer the Daily show over Colbert. Which is probably why they won the Emmy.

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