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Photo TR: Derek goes to Hershey


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My original plan for the day was to go to Dorney Park for a few hours then hit Bethlehem Brew Works for a late lunch. Well, as the fates would have it, Dorney was closed for a buyout. Why they'd do this in the middle of the month I have no idea (and they were closed Labor Day Saturday too!?). So instead of not doing anything, I decided to head up to Hershey for a few hours, as I hadn't ridden the new dark ride, or Lightning Racer yet this year.


As it turns out, it was a really nice day to go. A little overcast at times, but the weather was pleasant and the crowds were manageable. Even though there were lots of people, I never waited more than 20 minutes for anything all day.


As far as the new Reese's Extreme Cup Challenge darkride, I was very confused. I didn't get the whole theme, the ride seemed fairly short, and it was completely random. I think the theme should have been something like gremlins in a chocolate factory or something like that, for riding thru and shooting random dudes on skateboards really made no sense to me. The ride system was pretty cool though, kinda like Journey into the Imagination at Epcot. The nicest thing was the guns were easy to use and the mark your gun made was fairly large and visible. Its cool that they added a new darkride, but I think I like Gobbler Getaway better (and I honestly don't care for that ride either!)


Onto the pictures:


Vertical loop shot of my very first vertical loop


No one will escape dry. Its very not Dan Friendly


What used to be a fairly dry rapids, they added a whole slew of waterfalls, now its very wet!


But I'll pass this time and just amuse myself by watching this guy bomb them


Roller Soaker was still using the water effects, and had little line


And now, the super exclusive never before done, no one else but TPR has this photo...Lightning Racer thru a knothole in the fence!


Next year this will look a lot different when its "the Boardwalk"


Notice the random candy things on the top


More photos of the water play area


Its cool how they attempt to race them every time, unlike every other racing coaster out there


Less of a twister for a GCI, its still really smooth and fun


Lightning Racer was a capacity machine, leaving a 1 train wait for either side.


and OMG, footers for the funnel slide!


Exclusive photos of the new water play area


The ride broke down for like 5 minutes, everyone got out of line. Thanks!


I think this ride qualifies as a twister


Exclusive shot


The ride has lots of little pops of GCI air


First coaster of the day was GCIs first, Wildcat. I can't understand what that shed is there for though


Didn't feel like getting wet today. Maybe next year with the waterpark and all, I will


Since its opening, I've yet to ride the Claw. Maybe over Christmas


Woohoo, ok maybe THIS is the best part of the ride. Free chocolate at the end


The station for the ride is a locker room. And then there's some commentary dudes and you shoot something at ESPN X Games contestants or something


I used this line because the "girlfriend is several hundred miles away" line was closed


Rock on! This is the best part of the ride!


The new ride is pretty popular with the families


Hey Joey, hows it going?


Inside the park we find some good food, like fresh kettle corn


Since I know I'll be back more this year and next (especially if Dorney has more buyouts) so I picked up a season pass. Take that Cedar Fair! :p


Here we are on a lovely late summer afternoon at Hersheypark, a place Elissa hates

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More photos


Shout out to Elissa and the Rhoads'


I think Dan isn't even allowed to ride this without receiving medical attention


There's milk in milk chocolate? Who knew!


Those cows came back for more singing


Giant cakes of chocolate. This would make Robb happy, which may explain why Elissa doesn't like the park that much ;)


mmmm, cocoa beans


Listen to a little song from some cows and you get free stuff afterwards


But we're not done yet. Its time for more free chocolate!


And we'll say goodbye to Milt and his park for another summer season. Next year, 100 years!


One ride on the Comet will finish off the day for me


Racing by the creek


Its even got a new sign, all metallic and such


To everyone saying Sooperdooperlooper is closing forever, have Joe file that under F for FALSE!


Ooooh, pretty


See, there's Storm Runner way in the background


And its also got an Immelman. In fact, the two Immelmen duel sorta, maybe, not really!


I like it because it has this


Great Bear is still very popular in the park


Trailblazer is still blazing away, but I keep forgetting about him and his new trains


Going into the Snake Fang Dive thing


Hooray for Immelman, that German dude was crazy


I'm still thinking Arby's


Up over the top of the tophat


The train goes KaPOW WOOOSH out of the launch


Hooray for Intamin rides or Intarides min, or something!

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And now, the super exclusive never before done, no one else but TPR has this photo...Lightning Racer thru a knothole in the fence!


I have MF through a knothole from a few months ago, but this one is just as good! Nice PTR so far, I've been wanting to get to Hershey for a while but just havent had the time/money. Maybe this year though.


Colin C

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I miss Hershey! Hopefully I can get back soon, the TR is nice but I'm not sure if there was enough beer and derek involved. Though personally, I filed SooperDooperLooper under L for LAME.


I'm annoyed about the buyouts at Dorney too. Closing both yesterday and today for private events was bad enough but they are also closed next Saturday as well also for a private event. I wish they would have spread out the days they were closed.

I am pretty sure September is a popular month for buyouts so the corporate folks can avoid mid-summer heat, and because the parks are more receptive towards closing the gates to the public since it is one of the lightest parts of the year.

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To everyone saying Sooperdooperlooper is closing forever, have Joe file that under F for FALSE!


Dude..I was laughing my @$$ off (Censored For Elissa's Sake) She totally Boooed your TR. Elissa Is the NO fun girl, she doesnt like to have any fun!


Awesome TR Derek, made me want to eat some chocolate. And of course...Not ONE pounding picture...im gunna kill someone...





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September is more popular for Corportae Private Events because the parks price them out of reach over the summer when they can make more money from the general admission gate. Also, the parks need less staffing for corp events, ticket sellers not need and they stagger the openings of rides, less restaurants on Corporate Days if necessary, which also fits works better in the off season.

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^YES!! No actually I dont know,


Looks like you had fun. Hersheypark is only like 2 hours away from where I live, and I was just down there like 3 weeks ago and I had the time of my life. Did you see if there was anymore work done on the other water rides? Like non-footer phase construction? Because when I went there, the waverider thing was just finishing pouring its footer-deals (it was more like 1 giant slab...). I just cant wait for it to open...


And yes, Lightning Racer is a capacity whore, and the trains virtually never get out of synch. So its not like theres massive stacking waiting for the losing train to finish. It's a very well thought out ride and my personal #1 overall


Nice TR, Derek




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I love the photos! I definitely need to get to Hershey park, sometime!


When I was really young, I went to Hershey park and I remember riding that rapids ride. Our entire family got soaked because of that waterfall that guaranteed you got soaked. Evil contraption.


I also remember loving the Whip. I rode it like 10 times because it was the only ride I could ride. Is it still there?


With all that Reese, I have just wet myself alittle.

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