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NEWS: Universal Releases Fear Factor Live Trailer

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Hey everyone,


Universal was kind enough to let us know that they have released a trailer for their upcoming "Fear Factor Live" show that is going into both USH and USF.


There are a few different versions of the video, depending on your connection speed. Check it out here:


Fear Factor Live Trailer - WMV File 128k


Fear Factor Live Trailer - WMV File 300k


Fear Factor Live Trailer - WMV File 700k


Fear Factor Live Trailer - Quicktime Movie File 128k


Fear Factor Live Trailer - Quicktime Movie File 300k


Fear Factor Live Trailer - Quicktime Movie File 700k


Inspired by the phenomenally popular television series, Universal Studios Hollywood introduces "Fear Factor Live," an all-new interactive attraction that catapults ordinary people into extraordinary situations allowing them to challenge themselves, conquer their fears and test their physical and mental limits as they participate in a progression of extreme stunts before a live audience.


Opening simultaneously at both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando in June 2005, "Fear Factor Live" marks the first time a blockbuster reality television show has been transformed into a theme park attraction.


"Fear Factor Live" will be the most intense audience participatory attraction ever created and will allow the entire family to experience the thrill and emotion associated with participating in extreme, pulse-pounding stunts, previously reserved for trained professionals.


The attraction will take guests out of their comfort zones and place them in unfamiliar territory as it preys on basic human fears.



A series of progressive extreme stunts performed before a live audience and guided by a host who will reinforce the complexity and risks associated with the stunts performed in the attraction. Similar to the verbal disclaimer presented in the television series, the "Fear Factor Live" host will make the following announcements at the top of each show: "This is Fear Factor Live." The stunts you are about to see were designed and supervised by trained professionals. They are extremely dangerous and should never be attempted by anyone, anywhere, anytime."




Universal Studios Hollywood is creating a specially designed "Fear Factor Live" casting call booth, inviting theme park guests to audition for a Casting Director and participate in the all-new attraction. Mirroring the Fear Factor television program, each selected contestant will be videotaped to later air during their performance.


Employing the same technology utilized in "live" television broadcasts, the videotaped highlights will be transmitted electronically to an elaborate "Fear Factor Live" editing booth located within the attraction. The footage will be edited and readied for close-circuit broadcast during each contestant's performance.


Each "Fear Factor Live" performance will involve the participation of up to 18 guests with as many as 144 guests participating on a daily basis, resulting in a vastly different viewing experience for the audience each time "Fear Factor Live" is performed. Age, height and weight restrictions will apply and guests will be required to sign release forms.

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I sincerely doubt that they would have the "cuisine" segment. I know that there's alot of people (like me) who would gladly do the physical tasks just for fun, for the experience. However, the whole "eating reindeer testicles and pig heart smoothie" thing is not what a paying park guest would call "entertainment". There has to be the hope of a serious prize. I know that if there was not anything at least $50,000 waiting for me, I would never eat the gross stuff - much less pay $50 to do it!

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Thank you for contacting Universal Studios Hollywood!




In order to participate as a contestant in Fear Factor Live, guests must be 18 years of age or older.




We look forward on seeing you at Universal Studios Hollywood!


Trung Vu

Guest Relations

Universal Studios Hollywood

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