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Stephen King's The Stand (and other books)


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The only Stephen King books I've read are IT and The Green Mile and to this day they're still two of my favorites.


For those who like the band Pink Floyd, or even rock music in general, I must reccomend "Saucerful Of Secrets" I'm about halfway done and it's just awesome so far.

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I'm a big Stephen King fan and was obssessed with the Dark Tower from about 1993 until the last one came out two years ago. I gotta say, something got lost between books 4 and 5. I wanted to like 5-7 but I was fooling myself.


Loved IT, The Stand, The Waste Lands (my favorite of the DT books and when I first thought something incredible was going to be written with this series), Apt Pupil (from the same collection as Shawshank), Night Shift, Skeleton Crew, Dark Half, Hearts in Atlantis, and Firestarter.

Dreamcatcher and Tommyknockers blow big chunks. Most of the rest of his books are decent, with some still in the mediocre range.

I've read all of his novels except for Carrie, Cell, and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon.

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I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Bachman books. Stephen King first wrote under the pen name of Richard Bachman. "The Running Man" was a lot better than that dumb Arnold Schwarzennegger flick and "The Regulators" is ten times better than the "Desperation" verison.


"The Dark Tower" series is my favorite, though I'm still debating whether I like the ending or not. Just about every one of his books is directly or indirectly related to The Dark Tower. And cudos to him for writing about when he was hit by a van. It's one thing to go through the whole ordeal, but it's quite another to write about it afterwards.


"The Stand", in my opinion, is not one of his better books, though it is still a good read. At first, I really did not like how it ended, expecting more of a huge battle between the good and the bad people. It was watching the mini-series that I finally understood why it ended the way it did. (And it was well put together because Stephen King himself wrote the screenplay. He even had a cameo.)


The two books I connected with the most was "The Dark Half" and "Needful Things". I know there's a darker side to myself that comes out in my writings.

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right now I am reading the book "The girl who loved Tom Gordon".....I think thats whats its called. Im not good with titles...


Other than The Green Mile series, this is my favorite Stephen King book, you'll like it if you keep reading it. There are a lot of Stephen King books that I can not get into though... like Bag of Bones, From a Buick 8, etc.

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