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Universal Studios Hollywood (USH) Discussion Thread

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I got 3 rides in this morning, after initially waiting for the ride to shutdown and restart.


Amazingly long interior queue, with a lot of great detail.


The motion seemed very smooth, not jarring- but very effective.


The screens are incredible, especially with how they blend with the physical sets.


I've never seen the Transformers movies (I loved the animated series/toys as a kid, just don't like the look of the new ones) and it didn't matter at all.


It's a spectacular ride, and really puts USH on a different level.


Speaking of levels- the transition from ground floor to second floor and back is amazingly well integrated to everything else.


The pacing on this ride is just about perfect imo.


I'm so happy to have such a killer ride so close to home now.


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I got to ride it today three times and it could have been many more if I didn't want to catch a few other things before having to head out early. I saw them pulling out the technical rehearsal signs while I was waiting in line to buy my pass so look for them out front as well as throughout the park.


I have to mostly agree with Joey's assessment of the ride, I did miss the interaction of physical props (and real fire ), but this is the West Coast's Spider-man through and through and man does it feel sorely needed at USH. The story is pretty on par with the rest of Universal's other rides, but man this is a fun ride. The basic plot is you are recruits needed for a mission with NEST, things go wrong during training and your deployed on EVAC as Human Navigators to lead EVAC in protecting the AllSpark. For a detailed write-up of the ride you can read that here.


I took a few pics of my brief day and mostly the queue with my phone. Sorry for the darker pictures, but I think they came out pretty good as it's pretty dang dark in the Station.


Sit on it and rotate, Welcome to Universal Studios Hollywood.


Current Ticketing information. I have the rest of 2012 to go now.


Top left, YES!


Total jack ass.


It's been quite some time since I've been here, this is new to me (at least during the day haha)


I completely missed Whoopi as tour guide, is that a sad thing?


Saw this on my way down the Escalators to the lower lot. YESSSS!!!!!


I can see it's very attention getting.


It's been a hot minute since I rode this, no line for it when i went through.


There it is! I'm pretty sure it looks better in pictures then in real life.


Obligatory Gift Shop near the ride's entrance and exit.


What a wasted opportunity for a much better facade. oh well it is what it is.


Gate A and Single rider line, didn't get to go through either of them as the ride was a walk on in the morning.


Main Entrance, Are you ready to start your mission?


Each room has it's own "E" #. this looks like some serious sh*t, maybe we should turn back?


Thanks for Volunteering, Welcome to NEST recruits!


This is a massive queue that should be a welcome relief in the summer as it seems most of the queues for USH's rides are mostly outdoor!


The AllSpark!


The queue is well themed and pretty elaborate for outside of a Disney park in SoCal.


Plenty of TV screens in each of the rooms to help the wait go by quicker and to set up the ride's theme.


Scorponok's tail!


Ribbed for her pleasure.


Move out recruits, the Decepticon's are attacking the City!


Our training has to be cut short, our help is needed!


EVAC needs our help to Navigate, let's go!


Megatron believes in us!


"I wanna push the button!"


Safety is imperative if your to make it back safe.


Get your Battle Glasses!


It's time to gear up recruits. Move move move!


Dual loading for faster departures, the crews were hauling getting people through the line. It was a total walk on for my three rides this morning.


EVAC needs our help!


It's time to go recruits, good luck on your mission.


And for the hell of it, Step 3. Followed by Rock Concert movement number 4. Ready Go.

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What are the odds USH will continue the soft openning over the weekend?

Very very good. (Joey please correct me if I'm wrong) The ride will basically be open from now till opening I've heard unless they need to close it for whatever reason, but I *think* its scheduled every day.

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^They were Yesterday.


^^^ From what I overheard, they want to have it open as much as possible before the big grand opening to work out any kinks and avoid lengthy downtime after it officially opens.

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Sounds like a great edition for the west coast! But as it sounds like it is Spiderman West, I don't see the need to rush out there anytime soon to ride it.


Agreed. but while I won't rush to California just for Transformers, I will cause me to add USO to my itinerary when I am in LA.

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Still feel bad for Ron Howard.


Yes, he will be missed.


I love Spiderman, so I look forward to riding this. But at the same time, since it's so much like Spiderman, it's not going to get me to jump on a plane any time soon just to ride it. It will have to wait until I'm back in CA for some odd reason.



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Theme Park Review was invited to attend a sneak peak at the new Transformers: The Ride 3-D. "Technical Rehearsals" for the attraction started this past week, and the reviews have been positive. The ride will officially open to the public on May 25th, so chances are good that soft openings will take place almost daily to put the ride through its paces and to train the new crew.


Personally, I think Universal Studios Hollywood did a great job with this ride! I was most impressed with the use of the space of the show building. The ride layout consists of a lower and an upper track area, maximizing the space and allowing for a 3.5 minute ride cycle.


Echoing others, the interior queue is very well themed and most importantly a way to beat the So. Cal. heat.


Because most of us already know the plot points and other specifics of the ride, we will just get right to the photos!


Thank you to Universal Studios Hollywood for allowing Theme Park Review to attend the sneak peak for Tranformers: The Ride 3-D. We wish you a great summer season! (Don't forget to purchase a "Gate A" pass on weekends and most of the summer days, as it will cut down a HUGE part of the wait for the more popular attractions. They are worth the extra money!)


Welcome to Universal Studios Hollywood! The home of the soon to open Transformers: The Ride 3-D!


Today's report is brought to you by "The Serious Face"; a subsidiary of "The Manly Pose".


As of 10:15am.


We see you...!


Getting closer!






"My name is David, and I claim this land in the name of the Autobots, and The Serious Face!"


"Welcome recruits. Check out my super-cereal Serious Face!"


Which way do you go? The regular entrance....


...or Gate-A, or Single Rider? The options are limitless! Or, well, there are three options so choose wisely.


Let's try the regular entrance first.


Plenty of interior queue space with buttons! Lots and lots of buttons!!!!







You can even push the globe! But nothing will happen...or will it?!? (Serious face)





Poll time! Which is cooler: The itty-bitty AllSpark or Frank's Gate A Pass!


The queue videos even tell you to wolf down your churros.


You ain't cool unless you wear 3-D glasses.


This dude looks familiar.


This ride is so technologically advanced, that it features invisible 3-D glasses! An industry first!


The loading station accomidates two cars at a time. 3 rows per car, 4 riders per row.


Door open.


Door closed. In the ride, guests ride in Evac, an Autobot. I wonder if the crew gets confused if they are told to "Evac the ride".



You can tell this sign has a Serious Face too.


The return to civilization.


...otherwise known as a gift shop. Although, it doesn't dump RIGHT into the gift shop so we won't use the Serious Face for this!


"My name is Jenny, and I am still working on my Serious Face. But I will totally strike a Serious Pose for you!


Now lets try the Gate A path! More buttons, but you won't get to push them because there won't be a line!


With only a few long corridors, the Gate A line is about 1/3 the size of the regular line.


No buttons to push here, because there is no time!


Station view from the Gate A path.


And finally, Frank gives the Single Rider Line a try...with the Serious Face!




Only one video monitor? Why is that?


Oh, becuase we are already at the load area! No Serious Face necessary!


Station view from the Single Rider path.


So many options!


Let's take a look, why not, right?



Much classier than a Karnival kruise ship!


They even included a window so they can see the rest of their party as the finish their ride.








It's the Serious Face AND push the button! Almost too much coolness for one photo.


The shop even has a really Hi-def video screen behind the counter.


"I am a way better Vanna White than Vanna White."


The area to the right of the Transformers entrance that is used as queue for a Horror Night maze has been prepared for what looks like extended queue space. (Or stroller parking.)


And just a few more pictures for the uber-nerds and fanboys.





This is one detail I was SO happy to see! One of my biggest disappoinments in the Wonderful World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando was the regular nametags worn by the employees in that land. I would have preferred to see a nametag that better fits in with the area theming, like THIS! I am thrilled they found an alternative to the normal nametag for this attraction, and I truly hope they can find an alternative solution for WWoHP when it arrives at USH in a few years!


Be sure to check out Transformers: The Ride 3-D when it officially opens on May 25th!

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The extra space is stroller parking. Nice report. Except for not letting me know you were there (not like I don't live close by or anything!).

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The video monitors in the first half of the queue plan "breifing" videos that set the scene. The screens toward the end play the safety spiel information. As for the glasses, I didn't want to find out and I can't imagine any other TPR peeps would either!

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It looks like they did a great job with this ride. I can't wait to get up there and ride it!


As for your trip report, this is all I have to say about that:


You sir, are my hero! (No homo.)


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