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Universal Studios Hollywood (USH) Discussion Thread

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I think Kong, and anything new to LA has two possible sources of crowd increases. Vacationers, like myself, who pay full prices, and buy lots of merch. And, locals who go with a discount ticket and buy zero merch.




I think this will help, hell yeah. But it won't do anything even remotely like the 30-50% increase Orlando has seen at IOA. Maybe for the first Summer, but it won't be sustained. I foresee IOA having bigger numbers for quite a few years. And the Uni addition keeping it going for qiute sometime. LA's Potter will be the lesser Potter the day it opens, most likely.


If it was totally new adventure, and different shops, it very well could be a 50% increase from vacationers. As it stands, a vacationer like myself, will make their Orlando vs LA decision based on everything EXCEPT the new Potter land in LA.





Youre throwing a lot of big accusations with no actual info or proof to any of it. You don't know Universals attendance numbers, their vacationer to local ratio, what they plan to build here, the draw of the park in the first place, nor do you understand how marketing works with things like Kong.


The point your trying to prove cant be proven for a few years, and even then I think your expectations for this are all off. We will have to wait and see.


Well, yeah, nobody on this thread can prove ANY of their opinions. The only for real facts are those accompanying the pictures from the media event. Which are basically: A Harry Potter expansion is going into Universal Hollywood, and it most likely will sell Butterbeer.



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The only reason I'm excited for this is that I live like 5 minutes away from USH and I grew up with HP, so it'll be nice. Considering I have never been to florida and have no plans on going anytime soon, it'll at least make things a little more convenient.

That is exactly my point! People LOVE Harry Potter, I grew up on it too!

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Wow! I can't believe they used interlaced video and a 60Htz refresh rate on that hi res wall. C'mon Universal. Couldn't you splurge and pay the extra $125.00 for a scan converter. If that is any indication of the WWoHP USH is gonna get then it's doomed from the get go.


Guy "I'm already let down." Koepp

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This is obviously the work of a Wizard!


From WESH 2 News

Fire Burns At Universal Studios

No Reports Of Injuries From Fire In Building On Back Lot

By Stella Chan


LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- A fire at Universal Studios sent heavy smoke into the air on Thursday afternoon, according to officials in Los Angeles County.


About 55 firefighters responded and the fire in a three-story building on the back lot was nearly knocked down by about 1 p.m. PT, said Inspector Quvondo Johnson of the Los Angeles County Fire Department.


There were no reports of injuries from the fire, which was reported about noon.


The cause of the fire was unknown, but the building was under demolition, Johnson said.


Read more: http://www.wesh.com/news/29954830/detail.html#ixzz1fzp9K500

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I'm all for more fires if it means more new attractions! The new backlot sets look great, and though I'm not a fan of 3D...Kong is really well done for what it is.


This time the fire wasn't actually anywhere near the backlot: it was the now vacant Technicolor building on Lankershim.

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Maybe, just maybe....


This is going to be the "Potter London" that will be "magically connected" to USF/IOA thru the train station 'wall entryway'....?


Imagine. You're there in Hollywood, enjoying the new bank-themed indoor coaster, and then later on, you're about to board your train to Hogwarts, and WHAM! thru that brick wall and there you are >>> Teleported to the actual station over in USF!!!




(Hey - I can at least dream it like that for awhile, hmm? )

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I hope the new HP expansion has lots of flats. That's what USH needs. ( and maybe a roller coaster or two).


Flats don't seem to me to be what the park is all about. They are trying to give the park goer the movie experiance and I don't see how you can really make that fit with a flat.

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Merch has started to arrive at USH inside the newly remodeled Tomb Treasures (now half "Movie Memorabilia" shop and half amazing pictures photo area). I just had to share this picture, since it is one of the most clever theme park shirts I have seen in awhile...


There's more than meets the eye!

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Haha Hipster approved! or maybe not since it's so corporate (you know as they drink their Starbucks lol).


I haven't been to Universal during a normal day of operation in at least five years, this would definitely change that. Plus I just heard they are continuing the "Buy a day get a year" for 2012 so it would be very easy to see Universal's attendance get a little boost this upcoming year.

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